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Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School
Mental Health Capacity Building

Dr. Martin Leboldus Catholic High School is fortunate to have the Mental Health Capacity Building Initiative (MHCB) in our school as one of five pilot projects in Saskatchewan. β€‹

What is MHCB?​

MHCB is an initiative funded by Saskatchewan Health Authority.   MHCB is being led by the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) with support from the Ministries of Health and Education.

  • The MHCB program works to provide programming and support to students, schools, families and communities in building their mental health and wellness capacity.

  • The MHCB Program provides prevention supports designed to build strengths while reducing the stigma of addiction and mental illness.​

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Who we are:​

Robin Perreaux, B.A.Psych, BSW - MHCB Coordinator –

Kristy Moriarty, B.A.Psych, B.A Health Studies - MHCB Promoter –

Please feel free to contact us or drop by our office in Student Services or :

Facebook: @MHCBRCSD

Instagram: @mchbleboldus


What we do​​:

With the focus of prevention and promotion the Leboldus MHCB initiative will be working alongside the school staff to:

  • provide classroom presentations and curriculum based lessons

  • promote school wide approaches

  • provide community/ parent information sessions

  • provide staff PD sessions

School wide programs include sessions held out of class time ie:

  • Before school groups

  • Lunch and Learn sessions

  • Afterschool programs

These programs offer universal and targeted programing.  Topics for the programs may include:

  • Mental Wellness

  • Mental Illness

  • Positive life choices

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Relaxation

  • Stress

  • Coping Skills

  • Transitions

  • Stigma

  • How to find supports in our Community

  • Other topics as requested or where need for information is identified β€‹

Indigenous High School Advisor

Relationships and mentoring

  • Building close, supportive relationships with Indigenous students.

  • Bridging communication with school staff

  • Build on-going relationships with First Nations and MΓ©tis Community

  • Connect Indigenous students with community supports

  • Supporting Truth and Reconciliation initiatives in the school 


  • Supporting transitions from elementary school to high school

  • Supporting transitions between high school and post-secondary school.

Cultural Engagement

  • Developing a sense of belonging for Indigenous students through cultural activities.

  • Creating understanding for non-indigenous students through cultural activities.

 Academics / Career planning / guidance

  • Connection to tutoring, course planning, peer mentoring and role modeling.

  • Credit tracking & planning

  • Exposing Indigenous students to career possibilities and supporting their pursuit. 

Parental engagement

  • Encouraging dialogue between parents, school and student.

  • Provide opportunities for parents to engage in activities.