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Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School
Daily Announcements

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Attention all students - We will be taking school pictures next week on Monday, Sept. 28 and Tuesday Sept. 29. Grade 10 students will have pictures taken Monday morning, Grade 9's Monday afternoon. On Tuesday, we will have Grade 11's in the morning and grade 12's in the afternoon. All pictures will be taken in the Library and you will be called down from your classes alphabetically by last name. Please be respectful of social distancing rules during photos and follow the directions of the photographers.


ATTENTION STUDENTS – A reminder to bring your reusable mask to school with you every day. We have noticed a significant increase in use of the disposable masks hanging in the front entrance. We would appreciate all students being more diligent in remembering to bring your reusable mask every day.

ATTENTION All students staying for lunch -

All students staying for lunch must follow the COVID safety guidelines. These include:
1. All tables are labeled, please sit in the OPEN spot, NOT where the x's are placed.
2. Social Distancing protocols must be followed. Spread out and sit down in an appropriate spot.

3. Remain seated during lunch.  

4. Remember to put your mask back on after you are done eating. No exceptions.

Please note that your lunchroom advisors are watching this closely and we are here to ensure the safety of all. Please do you part to continue to make Leboldus a safe place.  

ATTENTION Students using the City of Regina Bus Transit: The following is a message from the City of Regina. As students have transitioned back into the new school year, there has been a drop in compliance level. Please remember that face masks or alternative face coverings are mandatory until the Saskatchewan Health Authority recommends otherwise. Please remember to wear your masks when waiting outside of the school at the end of the day as well as wearing you mask when using city transit. Your cooperation is appreciated.

FROM STUDENT SERVICES - The University of Saskatchewan is hosting their annual Open House, virtually, today. There are lots of great sessions. See a Guidance Counsellor for more information on registration.


ATTENTION GRADE 11 STUDENTS: Any grade 11 student interested in requesting a parking pass may pick up a registration form by the canteen. Please drop off your completed form along with a photocopy of the vehicle registration in a box setup outside the main office. Today, by the end of lunch, will be the last day to submit a form. We will make the draw for additional spots on Monday. Please remember that all overdue school fees must be paid in full to be eligible to receive a parking pass.


NEW DRIVERS' EDUCATION CLASS – If you are interested in taking the new Drivers' Ed. class, please sign up in the office. Students have until the end of lunch today to sign up.

Any students who have not yet returned their Verification sheet, please return it to your Period 1 teacher or to the office as soon as possible.


Do you know the meaning of?
Phosphenes –
It is the light and colours
produced by rubbing your eyes.