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Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School
Daily Announcements

​​​Friday, June 14, 2019

The Grade 10 or 11 female student who lost their cell phone/phone pouch at our school Mass at St. Anne Church last Friday, please come to the office.

ALCOHOL, DRUGS & PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING – Today's class will be an optional class for Grades 9 & 10 in Period 4 in the Theatre.

Please return all library books to the Library TODAY. If you have any books out, please get them to the Library sometime today.

If students wish to use a laptop from the Library, they must use it in the Library and return it at the end of the period.

It has been proven that music reduces stress!  In preparation for finals next week, join the period 3 Music 10/20/30 class tonight at 7:00 in the Theatre for their final recital featuring cover songs and student compositions.  De-stress and unwind at this fantastic evening of music!

There will be a Grad mass choir rehearsal today at lunch in the Choir room.  All Liturgy Choir and any grade 12's are welcome to join us for this rehearsal and mass.

The Minga leadership team for 2019-2020 has been posted on the Choir room bulletin board.  Thank you to all who applied!

Grad Survey - All Grade 12 students who are not currently taking ELA 30 in-class this semester are asked to drop by Student Services this week to complete a 2-minute survey about their plans for next year.  This survey must be completed by all graduates as the information is submitted to our school board office each year.

All students who are registered in ELA A30 and B30 AP for next year, please pick up your novels and reading packages from the resource centre this week.

Drama 20/30 would like to present our final collectives on Monday, June 17, at 5:00 PM. Our two shows are entitled "Shut Up" and "Job Loss". Come support LeBoldus Drama and see what we've been working on!  Admission is free!

Anyone who has taken Visual Art must pick up your artwork from the Art room before CFD's begin.  It will not be here when you return in September.

CANTEEN – Stop by the Canteen today to see what's on sale!   

MHCB Upcoming events -
Exam week – On Tuesday, June 18, starting at 8:05 AM, there will be 2 - 15 minute meditations in the Theatre for all students and staff, led by Dianna Bye.  For the rest of exam week, MHCB staff will lead meditations each morning from 8:05 to 8:45 in the Theatre.

Summer Program - The MHCB is looking for volunteers for our summer program to work with youth.  July 15-19 would be working with youth, aged 6-11 years old  and August 26-28, would be working with youth, aged 12-14 years old.  If you are interested, please stop in and see Robin or Kristy in the MHCB office located in the Student Services area.  

All Track and Field pinnys need to be returned to Ms. Orr by or before Tuesday, June 18.  Please return them to room 166 or you will be charged $75. These need to come back ASAP!


Did you know?
If the human brain were a computer,
it could perform 38 thousand-trillion operations per second.
The world's most powerful supercomputer, BlueGene ,
can manage only .002% of that.