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Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School
My BluePrint

​What is myBlueprint is a powerful career and post-secondary planning tool provided by Regina Catholic Schools for students at Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School.
​By inputting courses into the built-in 'High School Planner', students are able to see which College, University, Apprenticeship and Work Sector options they are eligible to pursue, including information about entrance requirements, salary, career outlook and personal suitability.

**** in order to start on myBlueprint, students need to create a profile using LeBoldus' activation key:lbsuns

Planning Courses

Course selection is based on individual student strengths, interests, abilities and goals. Students are encouraged to speak to their teachers/counsellors and parent/guardians about proposed course selection. 

The Discovery, Explorations and Learning styles inventories in myBlueprint can help students discover
some of their strengths, interests and abilities. 

The High School Planner feature in myBlueprint allows students to visually plan their courses, explore course descriptions, prerequisites and  track towards graduation. Students are encouraged to plan courses keeping their future goals in mind. Students can plan throughout the year and add courses to their plan. 

Resumes and Cover Letters

This section helps students to create their own resume in a step-by-step format. This resume can be printed, downloaded, or even emailed directly to potential employers. Step by step instructions are also given to assist students in creating a cover letter for their resume.​