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Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School

School Leadership Awards

There are a number of Leadership Awards that are voted on by the LeBoldus staff and presented at the Graduation Exercises.

  • Teachers are asked to nominate candidates they feel have met the criteria for each award.

  • Students who wish to be considered for any of the awards must first confirm that they meet the criteria for the award, complete a student information form, and then submit the form to the Awards committee by the application deadline. 

  • The Awards Committee will determine the final nomination list for each award and send it out to the LeBoldus staff, including the award criteria, the list of nominees, and the student information for each award.

  • The LeBoldus staff will then vote and the Awards Committee will determine the recipient for each award.  The awards will be presented at the Grad Exercises in June.


Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School Faculty Award ($500)

Criteria:  Awarded to a member of the graduating class who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made the most significant contribution to school life and has developed his/her academic potential to a high degree; is on the Grade 12 Honour Roll; has participated extensively in extra-curricular activities; and has maintained a positive attitude toward staff and students.  This award has always been considered to be the most prestigious award.


The Catholic Leadership Award ($500)

Criteria:  This award is sponsored by the school board.  It is to be given to a Grade 12 student who has demonstrated Catholic leadership at both the school and the parish level in a tangible way; has demonstrated a care and concern for others through his/her actions, attitudes and commitments toward school, parish and community; and has a positive attitude toward students, staff and the school to such an extent that it has won for the individual the respect of students and staff. 


St. Anne's Christian Spirit Award ($300)

Criteria:  A member of the graduating class who lives the Gospel values of faith, hope, love, caring for community and  others, as demonstrated regularly in daily school life; who exhibits the Spirit of Christ through outreach, acceptance and  compassion for others; who reaches out to others in the spirit of friendliness and respectfulness and in a non-judgmental manner; and who is interested in faith formation and can communicate and discuss "Who is Jesus" in a general way.


Scholarships Requiring School Nomination or Sponsorship

Any scholarships requiring school nomination or sponsorship must undergo the following process:

  1. Grade 12 students are encouraged to review the scholarship section under Student Services on the LeBoldus website.

  2. If students wish to be considered for any of the scholarships or awards that require school nomination (ie. Schulich Leader Scholarship, Loran Scholarship, etc.), they must first confirm that they meet the criteria. 

  3. They must then identify themselves to a counsellor in Student Services to discuss the application process. 

  4. If only one student meets the criteria and is interested in applying, that qualified candidate will be the school nominee for the scholarship.

  5. However, if two or more students meet the criteria and wish to be considered for the school nominee, those students must complete and submit the student information form and any other required documents to the Awards Committee by the deadline indicated.  The Awards Committee will then review the submissions and arrive at a consensus for the LeBoldus nominee.

  6. Applicants will be notified and thanked for their submissions and the school nominee will be contacted.

  7. If additional materials are required to complete the application process, Student Services will work with the nominee to ensure that all necessary materials are ready for submission.

  8. The Awards Committee reserves the right to approve or not approve a scholarship application that does not meet the criteria.

To apply for Leadership Awards or Scholarships Requiring School Nomination or Sponsorship please fill out the following form:

Grade 12 Student Information Form.pdf

Applying for Outside Scholarships

Please note when applying for scholarships, that deadlines are non-negotiable. If transcripts or references are required, be aware that it takes time for others to process your requests. Also be aware that if you must mail documents, it will likely take 2 or 3 days for your application to reach its destination.

Note:  Scholarships whose deadlines have passed or have not had current contact with the school will be kept on our web site for reference. Please keep checking this page for updates or do a Google search using the scholarship name.​

Types of Scholarships

​This Powerpoint presentation will give you tips for "how to" begin getting organized to start your scholarship search.​

Scholarship 2021-2022.pptx

Athletic Scholarships

Bank Scholarships

Community Scholarships

Crown Scholarships

Indigenous Scholarships

Post Secondary Scholarships

Grade 10-11 Scholarships

Trade Scholarships

Special Interest Group Scholarships

Scholarship Databases