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Holy Rosary Community School
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Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Grade 1 to Grade 8 Registration

February 05, 2021



Register at Holy Rosary Community School

The online Registration Form is the first step of the application process. Completing this registration form does not mean automatic acceptance. Once your form is received, an appointment will be booked with the school administration for a meeting by phone, in person or online.  The school will confirm your application with an email or phone call and advise of next steps.

We thank you for your interest in Holy Rosary Community School and Catholic Education, and look forward to meeting with you. 

Visual confirmation of your child's Birth Certificate, Saskatchewan Health Card are required when registering. We will also need to see your child's Catholic Baptismal Certificate and Residency papers if applicable. If your child does not have a birth certificate but they were born in Saskatchewan, an application can be made by contacting eHealth: