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Learning Online
Start Up Information

Logging Into and Accessing Courses

  • Prior to 9:00 a.m. on the first day of classes, students will receive an email welcoming them to their Learning Online course.  This email will include all of the information a student will require to log into and access their course. 
  • For registrations received on or after the first day, students will receive this welcome email once their registration is processed and they are officially enrolled in the course.

Teacher Contact

  • After being enrolled into a course, students can expect to receive an email from the course teacher.  This email will include important course specific information.

Important Documents and Learning Online Practices and Procedures

  • Prior to starting a course, students should read all important course documents as well as the Learning Online Practices and Procedures.  These can be found at the top of each Learning Online Course.

Technical Issues or Course Questions

  • Students experiencing technical issues, should contact the help desk.  
  • Students with course specific questions, should email their instructor.

Start Up Support

  • There are a variety of information and support sessions available for both students and parents. These can be found on our calendar.​