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Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School
Memorial Bench

We love our students, and they love us. When a member of the student body passes on, we all feel the pain. Death is a tragic thing, but the best way to recover from it is through the memories.

In 2010 we constructed the Student Memorial Bench between the North and West doors, facing the corner of McCarthy Blvd. and Rochdale Blvd. This was constructed in memory of three students in particular: Kurtis Culbert (1986-2003), Taylor Smerchynsku (1991-2009) and Spenser Borlase (1991 - 2009) to help us remember that it's not how long a star shines, but the brightness of its light!



The Student Memorial Bench

The Student Memorial Bench Closer


Taylor Remember With A Smile

Remember With A Smile

The Memorial Stone

The Memorial Stone