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Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School
Capture the Crown, Uphold the Cross.

​Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School



Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School is a student-centred school

focussing on developing respectful, responsible and knowledgeable

citizens firmly grounded in the values of our Christian Faith.

 As a Catholic High School, we provide a setting that is rich in our Catholic faith tradition. Liturgies, faith-based celebrations are all important aspects of the overall education of our students. These, combined with Catholic Studies courses at each grade level, are all pursuits that lead our students to meeting graduation requirements at the grade twelve level.

 Academically, our school offers a number of exceptional programs. We offer an Advanced Placement (AP) pathway where students are part of international AP assessments that offer them the opportunity to obtain university credit at the grade 12 level in a variety of academic pursuits. We also offer a well-rounded fine arts program (that includes pursuits in visual art, drama, improvisation, music, band, and choral), a practical and applied arts program (food studies, communication media, accounting, photography, woodworking, welding, metal fabrication, graphic arts design, and mining), and a health sciences pathway which includes a sports medicine focus.

 Our school utilizes a student services team (two academic counsellors, two learning resource teachers, a school chaplain, and a drug education counsellor) who ensure that all of the academic, social, mental, and spirtual needs of our students are kept in focus. Our FIP program allows students with intellectual and physical challenges to be part of life-skills opportunities and to be part of a number of our mainstream subject areas that are organized by our professional and dedicated teaching staff.

 Along with a strong, rich tradition of high academic excellence,  our school provides students with outstanding extra-curricular opportunities. A full range of sports teams allows our students to grow through athletic competition and to experience success in city and provincial competition. Also, a variety of clubs and fine arts groups certainly meet the interest levels and faith needs of our well-rounded student body.

 Finally, we are fortunate to have a dynamic and energetic SRC (Student Representative Council) and a highly involved CSCC (Catholic School Community Council). Both of these groups help to create an atmosphere where students can enjoy Riffel High School while demonstrating Respect and Responsibility and taking on the daily challenge of carrying out our school motto - "Uphold The Cross, Capture The Crown".

 We are committed to our students and their families and we align with the vision, mission, values, and commitments of our division. We adhere to the policies and practices of the Regina Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 81.