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Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School
Graduation Awards

Graduation Awards 2018

Graduation Award Applications due May 15th to Student Services (Ms. Barnes-Pitka)

Dear Students:

If you are interested in being considered for any of the Grade 12 awards please carefully read the qualifications needed for each award. If you meet the criteria please print off the cover sheet for that award and include a resume. Your activity based resume should highlight your extra-curricular involvement, community service work, awards you have won, (ie. honour roll) and any part-time work you have. Please include any additional information you would like the scholarship committee to know about yourself. Resume's must be typed. Applications that do not follow these instructions will not be considered. Your application for these awards is considered your consent for distribution of résumé to Riffel Staff.


The Catholic Leadership Award

This Board-sponsored award is given to the student who has demonstrated Catholic leadership at both the school and parish level. This student has demonstrated care for others through his or her actions, attitudes and commitments and has a positive attitude toward students, staff, and the school so that she/he has won the respect of students and staff.

The Catholic Leadership Award.pdf 

The Joseph McIntyre Award of Merit

This Board-sponsored award is given to the student who has made noteworthy academic progress corresponding with ability, but who is not necessarily on the honour roll and who has contributed strongly to school life through active participation in school activities.

 The Joseph McIntyre Award of Merit.pdf

Indigenous Student Achievement Award - Board Sponsored

This award, sponsored by the Regina Roman Catholic School Board, is presented:
- to a graduating student of Aboriginal Ancestry who has academic standing of 65% or higher;
- who is involved in extracurricular and/or community Aboriginal activities;
- who has worked for or plans to work for the betterment of Aboriginal people;
- and who plans to continue his/her education at a post-secondary institution

Indegenous Student Achievement Award Application.pdf 

Aboriginal Student Leadership Award

This award is presented to a student of Aboriginal Ancestry, who is strong representative and role model for Aboriginal Students. He/She will have good academic standing and will be actively involved in community activities.

Please include a resume of activities, work experience and post-secondary plans..

Aboriginal Student Award.pdf 

The Sister's Legacy Award

This Catholic School Board-sponsored award is given to a Grade 12 student who has an average above 75% in 20 and 30 classes, combined with community, extracurricular, and parish involvement and who plans on attending any post-secondary program. Two letters of recommendation are required - one from the priest/parish worker and one from a person not related to the family but have known the applicant for at least two years.

The Sisters Legacy Award.pdf

Holy Family Knights of Columbus Christian Attitude Award

This award is given to someone who lives out a Christian attitude and has a sincere concern for others.

Holy Family Knights of Columbus Christian Attitude Award.pdf

Noble, Johnston, and Associates Student Scholarship

This scholarship is given to someone who completed Law 30 class in either their grade 11 or 12 year and must be entering a post-secondary program in the fall.

Noble, Johnson and Associates Student Scholarship.pdf