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Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School
Special Interest Groups
Please note when applying for scholarships, that deadlines are non-negotiable. If transcripts or references are required, be aware that it takes time for others to process your requests. Also be aware that if you must mail documents, it will likely take 2 or 3 days for your application to reach its destination.

Note: Many Scholarships have not yet been announced for the school year. Scholarships whose deadlines have passed or have not had current contact with the school will be kept on our web site for reference. Please keep checking this page for updates or do a Google search using the scholarship name.

Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC) is dedicated to providing blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted individuals with the opportunities they need to compete on an equal basis with other members of Canadian society. Application deadline is .

BBPA - Harry Jerome Leadership Award - this award celebrates excellence in achievement in the Black community. This formal dinner and awards gala is the premier event in the Black community and one of the most prestigious events in Canada. A highly valued symbol of achievement, the BBPA Harry Jerome Award is a coveted possession of the business people, professionals, athletes, academics, artists and community leaders who receive it. Award recipients are selected from among Canada-wide nominees recommended by business and professional colleagues, teachers, relatives and friends. Nomination is required.

Canadian Association of Nigerian Physicians and Dentists (CANPAD) - (2 awards of $2000) - One award will be given to a Canadian student of Nigerian ancestry and the other to a Canadian student of African ancestry (non-Nigerian). Students must accepted into post-secondary institutions within Canada.  Application

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association  (3 awards of $1000; 1 award of $1500) - awarded to students suffering from a hearing impairment. Applications deadline is in March

Children's Aid Foundation Scholarship -  Scholarships range from  $2,500 to $5,000 and are awarded each year. Applications are open to  students demonstrating both financial need and the potential to succeed in their  program of study. The student must be a current (permanent) Crown Ward, or have  been a Crown (permanent) Ward for at least one year after turning 13 years old.  Application deadline is ongoing.

Crohn's and Colitis Canada Scholarship - Crohn’s and Colitis Canada is offering ten (10) one-time 
scholarships of up to $5,000 for students living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis who are planning to attend (or are attending) a Canadian-based post-secondary educational institution. Application deadline is in June . Students are required to provide two letters  of recommendation and a 500-word essay. 

Copnick/Hilliard Scholarship ($500) - This scholarship is provided from a Trust Fund established by contributions from the families of the late Morton Copnick and Craig Hilliard. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist students with a Spinal Cord Injury to advance their post secondary education.
Evidence of the applicant’s disability status must be verified by a physician or other qualified health care professional (i.e. physician, rehabilitation counselor, nurse, etc.) and submitted with the application. Application deadline is  in August annually. 

Ken Dryden Scholarship (up to $3000) -  are awarded to select young people, currently or formerly in the care of the Canadian child welfare system, who demonstrate great achievement and promise. Each scholarship covers up to $3,000 or 80% of the cost of tuition and fees, whichever is less, and is renewable annually. Application deadline is in March.

Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan (2 x $1500) - This award is was created to recognize the hard work and dedication required of individuals with learning disabilities who succeed in completing their high school education and to encourage those individuals to continue their education in a post-secondary educational institution. Application deadline is June 30th annually.

National Educational Association of Disabled  Students (NEADS) - F.J.L. Woodcock/Sir Arthur Pearson Association of War Blinded Scholarship Foundation  - Students who have not more than 20/70 vision after corrections, and who are continuing either their vocational or academic education are eligible for a F.J.L. Woodcock/Sir Arthur Pearson Association of War Blinded Scholarship.  Students should have a high degree of motivation, a reasonable level of  achievement, and find the scholarship of assistance.

Parke-Davis Epilepsy Scholarships - 16 scholarships valued at $3000 each are granted annually to students with epilepsy. To be eligible for this scholarship program, candidates must meet two of the following eligibility criteria: Have graduated from high school and have applied for admission to a college or university program; Be a student at the postsecondary level; Be under a physician’s care for the treatment of epilepsy and taking anti-epileptic medication. 

Storwell Self Storage Foster Children Bursary Fund ($2000) - Applicant must have been a foster child with an official Canadian foster care program and agrees to having the above organization verify the same. Application deadline is in December.

Sun Life Financial Peer Support Scholarship – was created to assist peer volunteers and participants with a spinal cord injury or other physical disability to advance their post secondary education in the disability field. Applicants must be a volunteer or a staff member of the Canadian Paraplegic
Association. Application deadline is August 15th annually.