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Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School
Capture the Crown, Uphold the Cross.
Mental Health and Wellness
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​Document Library

​Indigenous Resources

​Community Mental Health Resources
Community Mental Health QUICK Reference
Social Anxiety Fact Sheet
Gender and Sexual Diversity
Mood Tracker
Gratitude Journal
My Inner Critic
Self Care Worksheet
Indigenous Supports
​Medicine Walk with Elder Walter Lavalee
Summer Medicine Walk with Elder Betty McKenna
Jordan's Principle - financial support
Self-Care During Covid 19

​Helpful Websites

​COVID -19  Support

SK 211
Kid's Help Phone
Rand Teed's Drug Class
Mind Your Mind
Teen Mental Health
Teen Health and Wellness
Anxiety Canada
Understand Us
Be Kind Online
Child and Youth Services
Canadian Mental Health Association
Substance Abuse Guide for Parents
Run For It Running Program
Parent's Guide to Resilience
Student Wellness
Helping Teens Cope with the Impact of COVID-19
Self Care During COVID 19
Taking Care of Yourself While Sharing Space During COVID-19
How to Cope with Social Distancing During COVID-19
Coronavirus Anxiety
Tips for When the News Stresses You Out
Caring for children in the COVID-19 crisis

​Useful Articles

The ABC's of Mental Health
Three Simple Ways to Enhance Mental Health Resilience
Train Your Mind to be Stronger Than Emotions
Don't Waste Your Energy on Worrying. Use Your Energy to Believe, Create, Trust, Grow and Heal
Overcoming Panic Attacks
Inside Your Teenagers Scary Brain
Digital Detox: Unplug and Recharge
How to Calm Down When You Are Stressed
Make the Grade: Improve Study Habits with These A+ Tips
Seven Step Prescription to Self Love
How Can I Cope With My Feelings About the Future
Top 10 Guided Meditation from 2019