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Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School
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Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017



A list of all students who have outstanding textbooks are posted in the Commons area. Please check to see which textbook you have still signed out and return to the library. If you have any library or textbooks please return today.


Anyone who still needs to finish up a shop project or pickup their completed project, please see Mr. Schmitz after your exam.


Ashley Fisher, Amy Downey, and Karlee Cooper please see Mrs. Perron for a brief meeting in the commons area after your period 5 exam.


Attention all Grade 9 - 11 band students: please remember that our final grad band rehearsal will be on TODAY at 11:45am, after the conclusion of CFD 5. Our performance is on Wednesday, so it is imperative that all participating students attend today's practice.


Bernadette Couture please see Mrs. Orthner before leaving today.


Your friendly neighbourhood guidance counsellors would like you to know the following:
Summer school forms are available in student services if you require one. Timetable changes can be done each day this week after your CFD, however, you must have a note from your parents if you wish to drop a class. All timetable changes for next year must be complete by the end of today.

Happy Birthday on:

June 26 Alicia P.

Happy Birthday to all those who will be celebrating their birthdays in July and August.