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Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School
Academic Programs

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Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School is a strong education institution with innovative programming that allows us to meet our students' educational needs for the 21st century. A comprehensive high school is designed to meet the needs of all students in order to prepare them for a future after graduation.

A strong tradition of educational programs and academic excellence

We offer a regular dual track high school program, French Immersion, Advanced Placement classes, Alternative programming and Modified courses.

A comprehensive and innovative Practical and Applied Arts program

We have recently renovated and updated our PAA labs in the areas of cosmetology, welding, automotives and construction, with commercial cooking to be completed for the upcoming year. In addition, we will be adding other innovative PAA courses that will meet the educational 21st century learning needs of our students.

A 21st century school

 Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School has integrated an iPAD project / BYOT (bring your own technology) to help maintain an emphasis on academic excellence and to prepare our students for the future. All of our teachers have been equipped with iPADs and data projectors to allow them to integrate technology into their classroom instruction. In addition, we have a number of class sets of iPADs that teachers can sign out for students to use in their classrooms.

Moving into the 2018/2019 school year, students will be able to continue to utilize their own tablets, iPhones and iPADs as we strive to engage students in their learning. Our teachers are also enhancing their classroom instruction with the integration of Brain-Compatible and Sensory Awareness teaching strategies.


Miller will also be establishing a strong Health and Wellness identity for our school. For our athletes, we will be further developing and enhancing our Wellness / Workout facility. We are expanding our workout area and will be adding new equipment. We are also adding strength and conditioning programs through our early-bird conditioning club, grade 11 and 12 High Performance Physical Education, (taught by a fully trained Kinesiologist) and student workout times at lunch and after school. In addition, our students will enjoy the large variety of nutritious meals served in our fully functioning cafeteria.

A school of opportunities

In summary, Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School is a school of opportunities. Whether our students will choose to go to University, Sask Polytech or out into the work force – we offer the programs to make sure they are prepared. Our students are able to select elective classes to sample the various possibilities of future careers in order to help them better make the decision of the direction in which they will move.