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Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School

​If a student will be absent from one or more classes, the parent/guardian is to provide verification of their absence by phoning the Miller attendance line at 306-522-7233 and leaving a detailed message​​​​​.

Punctuality and regular attendance are absolutes if an individual is to experience success in the world today. In addition, there is a direct relationship between regular attendance, academic achievement and a feeling of success, accomplishment and satisfaction. Consequently, we are adament about regular attendance and punctuality for our students.

Please read below about the universal attendance practice for all Regina Catholic High Schools:

1. Unexcused absences - Synrevoice message/email will be sent home

2. Eight excused and/or unexcused absences and/or lates - letter of concern from the office

3. Twelve excused and/or unexcused absences and/or lates - contact from student services, letter of concern encouraging the parents/guardians to set up a meeting with the Principal or Vice-Principal.

4. Fifteen excused and/or unexcused absences and/or lates - email and letter regarding removal or relocation with the opportunity to appeal if there are extenuating circumstances. (Students must continue to attend class if they wish to appeal until the attendance committee has came to a decision. Appeal forms are available at the office).

Students will have the opportunity to submit 'Prior Knowledge' forms to the office if they know in advance that they will be away. See the attendance forms below. These forms are also available in the office.

Please note - vacations DO NOT qualify for exemptions. It is our expectation that travel will be planned around the many school holidays and will fall within the 14 allowable days. Please inform the office of vacations well in advance as students will be required to complete an extended period of travel support form which requires them to inform their teachers and make arrangements for work missed. See the attached form below.


Attendance Forms

Application for Exemption - Emergent Issue.pdf

Application for Exemption Prior Knowledge Form.pdf

Extended Period of Travel Support Form.pdf