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Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School
For Parents

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions:​


Does Miller have a bus route?

Unfortunately, Regina Catholic Schools does not provide bussing services to high school students. However, Regina Transit offers a special bus service for students living in East and South East Regina. Students can purchase a bus pass or bus tickets. For more information please contact Regina Transit at 306-777-7813 or by visiting the Regina Transit website at


When are school fees due?

Students are expected to pay school fees immediately upon classes resuming in September. These fees cover a variety of costs, including project materials in PAA classes and excursion/facility costs in Phys Ed classes. We will only accept cash or cheques as we are not equipped to receive credit card payments. Please note: If you have any outstanding fees from the previous year, please arrange to have them paid by contacting Ms. Laura Moser at


What are meal cards?

To avoid having to carry cash at school, students have the option of purchasing a meal card. You can purchase meal cards at the main office for $25.00 or $50.00. These cards may be used for all cafeteria purchases. For more information about meal cards, please contact Ms. Laura Moser at


What is Synrevoice?

Synrevoice is an electronic mailing system that provides important information and school updates to all parents/guardians via email. Please note: If you have an email address and have not yet provided it to the school, please do so. If your email address has changed, please ensure you have notified the office.


How does my son/daughter obtain a parking permit?

Miller's student parking lot only holds 120 parking spots. Therefore, parking permits will be given only to Gr. 12 students. There are specific requirements students must adhere to in order to obtain a parking permit - school fees must be paid in full and students must be enrolled in a minimum of four classes per semester.

Who do I contact if.......

 I would like to register my son/daughter at Miller?

Please contact Ms. Jessie Gaudet at 306-791-7231 or


I need to talk about counselling services, academic issues, personal problems, scholarships, post-secondary information or online class information?

Please contact one of our guidance counsellors:

Jodi Baragar:

Carol Bolen Manz:

Barb Barnes-Wilcox:


I have questions regarding our supports for FNMI students?

Please contact one of our FNMI Student Advisors:

Roxanne Ward:

Chasity Delorme:


I am interested in learning more about the Advanced Placement program and Pre-AP classes?

Please contact Ms. Bolen-Manz at


I want more information about the Learning Resource Program, remediation or Tutorial programs?

Please contact Mrs. Nancy Duczek at


I want more information about the English as an Additional Language program?

Please contact Ms. Chelsey Rudd-McPherson at


I need help with Police matters?

Please contact our School Resource Officer (SRO) Cst. Costanza at


I need information about drug and alcohol use with teenagers?

Please contact our Drug and Alcohol Education Counsellor Mr. Rand Teed at​​


I need to speak to a public health nurse?

Public health nurses are not available in high schools on a scheduled basis. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to phone 306-766-7690.



 For Parents