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Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School
Driver's Education

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Student Instructions for Obtaining SGI Customer Number.pdf

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Your son/daughter has expressed an interest in the Driver Education program to be offered at Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School.

The course will consist of a mandatory 30 hours classroom and six (6) hours behind-the-wheel in-car instruction, and will be conducted under the direction of the Ministry of Learning.  The vehicle to be used for driving instruction has a dual-brake control and is adequately insured for all who ride in it.

The object of Driver Education is to prepare competent and skillful young drivers. It is most important, therefore, that the student be allowed to practice in the family car until he/she has mastered what has been taught. It is in this area that parents have a great part to play in the satisfactory completion of the training.

Your attention is drawn to the fact that students in this program will hold a Class 7 – Learner's License.  Please note the following requirements for this class of license.


  • 16 years of age (15 years of age, if enrolled in high school program)
  • pass SGI written test
  • must hold a valid learner's license for a min. of nine (9) mths. before taking a road test
  • completion of Driver Education Program is mandatory


  • must have a supervising driver in the front passenger seat at all hours
  • supervising driver must be an experienced, licensed driver (not in the G.D.L. Program)
  • between midnight and 5:00 a.m., passengers must be immediate family members – NO friends
  • number of passengers limited to number of seat belts
  • cannot consume any alcohol and drive (zero blood alcohol content)

Admission into, and continuation within, the Driver Education Program will be based on students displaying the four habits of success:  (1) attend school regularly and punctually, (2) come each day with a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard, (3) complete all work to the best of your ability and turn assignments in by due dates, (4) prepare for exams.

School suspension or withdrawal from school will result in being discontinued from the Driver Education Program and having your learner's license revoked.

Students meeting program requirements become eligible on an age basis with oldest given first opportunity.  The only cost to the student will be the usual cost of a license and a fee for road testing. The students own ability and desire to learn will determine whether he/she is able to pass the final road test.

The return of the attached form, with your signature, will assure us that we have your full consideration, co-operation, and willingness to participate in the program.


Liza Donnelly

Driving Instructor - Dean Breitkreuz