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Apprenticeship is a formal agreement between an individual who wants to learn new skills and an employer who needs a skilled worker in an apprenticeship trade. The contract is registered with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission. Apprenticeship training ranges from two to five years depending on the trade.

Apprentices spend up to 85% of their time working on the job and earning wages. There are also several weeks of theoretical and technical training usually at a technical institute at least once per year.

Upon completing the apprenticeship program and passing the certification exam, the apprentice receives a Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship and a Journeyperson Certificate of Qualification.

Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program allows youth to gain experience and hours toward the apprenticeship pathway while in high school. You must complete an SYA contract and complete a set of tasks. See a PAA teacher to get started. The $150 registration fee is waived, there is no charge for the first level of technical training tuition, you receive 300 hours of trade time credit and completing the SYA makes you eligible for a $1000 YAP Scholarship.

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