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Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School
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Alberta Post-Secondary Institutes Liaison



Start Time

10/5/2021 5:00 PM

End Time

10/5/2021 7:00 PM


CONNECT TO POST-SECONDARY INSTITUTIONS IN ALBERTA ELAA EVENTS ARE A FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY FOR STUDENTS TO ASK QUESTIONS TO 28 ALBERTA POST-SECONDARY INSTITUTIONS INCLUDING COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES, TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS, THE RCMP, AND CANADIAN FORCES. IN THIS VIRTUAL BOOTH FAIR, STUDENTS CAN INQUIRE ABOUT PROGRAMS, ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS, SCHOLARSHIPS, HOUSING, AND MUCH MORE! PLEASE JOIN US ON THE FOLLOWING DATES: • September 23, 5-7 pm • September 27, 5-7 pm • September 29, 5-7 pm • October 5, 5-7 pm • October 14, 11-1 pm • October 20, 5-7 pm • October 28, 5-7 pm All times are in MT, so please note any time differences. Events are free to attend and a great way for students to explore opportunities in Alberta. To register for this event please visit and register in the top right corner. Attendees must be registered to join and can register in advance of the actual event. Once registered, please use the same link during event hours to connect with our member institutions. Please note that registration is for all dates and times and students will be able to attend the session of their choosing.



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