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Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School
Educational Travel

​​Gap Medics - Do you hope to study medicine, nursing, dentistry, or physician assistant studies? Are you looking to get your feet wet in the hospital environment, to build upon your previous experience, or to expand your knowledge of the global healthcare community? On a Gap Medics hospital placement, you will learn directly from trusted healthcare professionals as you engage with patients in the wards and observe procedures. Placements are one to four weeks or more in duration, at any time of the year, to gain unrivalled clinical exposure and really make your college or med school application stand out!

Saskatchewan Youth Parliament -  This is a non-partisan organization made up of youth who meet to discuss relevant political and social issues. Members learn about the mechanics of government such as the workings of parliamentary procedure and the rules of debate. For more information and applications, go to their

House of Commons Page Program  - This is a prestigious program for any student graduating this year and expecting to enter university in the National Capital Region in the fall. Students must have an academic average of at least 80%, and a superior knowledge  of both official languages. A 15 hour/week schedule will be coordinated with  university studies and a salary of $12,571 plus $1200 will be paid during the  employment period.

Canadian Computing Competition - The University of Waterloo hosts this in conjunction with the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computer Science (CEMC). See the website for details.

Skills Canada Skills Canada promotes and supports various programs including skill competitions at the local and national levels. A long list of skills 
competitions and additional information can be found at the Skills Canada website. The list  ranges from Architectural CADD and Auto-body to Welding and Worksite Safety.

AFS International Programs -  AFS exchange  programs draw people from around the world who want to get to know people  from other countries. Participants live with a host family while attending  school gaining a fresh perspective on a foreign culture. By experiencing new  cultures as outsiders, AFS Participants also gain a deeper understanding of  themselves and their home cultures.
Canada World Youth - Canada World  Youth offers many programs to provide students with opportunities to work in  other countries in the areas of education, health, community development,  agriculture and forestry, biodiversity and the environment and new media and new  information technologies. 
France-Canada Exchange OSEF - For students 13 to 17 years old. OSEF offers exchange programs of  varying lengths.

Global Vision?
Global Vision is a Canadian based charitable organization dedicated to producing youth leaders, who experience "learning by doing" through engaging their communities. Students meet with other like minded young people and learn how they can work together to make change in their community.

Global Young Leaders Conference - GYLC is an intensive and stimulating leadership conference held annually with students from over 145 countries. The mission of the program is to educate and inspire students to fulfill their roles as the world leaders of tomorrow. Students examine the concept of leadership in the context of international issues, covering both long-term trends and day-to-day events. For more information, see a Guidance Counsellor. Nomination deadline is October 31st annually.

 Lieutenant Governor's Leadership Forum - A prestigious 10 day forum to develop leadership skills and cultivate a vision of their future in Saskatchewan. Only 18 Saskatchewan students will be selected.

 Me-to-Wee - This organization runs in partnerships with Free the Children to 
allow participants to interact and engage with developing communities overseas. Me-to-Wee trips range from 14-21 days.

 Nacel Education Travel - Nacel offers many different programs: total immersion, language courses, a work experience, homestay experiences, volunteer experiences, etc. 

The Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program - The SCYP holds an annual summer camp for youth 14 and 15, as well  as 16-18. Students master cooperation, leadership and communication skills.  These leaders of tomorrow may also be invited to attend overseas exchanges. For  more information, phone (306) 244-3702. 

Summer Language Bursary Program - This has been renamed as the "Explore" program. This is a five week summer language bursary program. Information can be accessed from their website.

YMCA Youth Summer Work Student Exchange
This program is open to students aged 16 and 17 with basic
French  language skills. The exchange lasts for 6 weeks. Student will be placed
in a  paid position at a non-profit organization in Quebec. The cost to
participate is  $100.00 (covers transportation and all planned activities through
the YMCA). For  more information, go to their website, email: