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Sacred Heart Community School
Principal's Message

Sacred Heart Buffalo Logo.jpg​​Welcome to Sacred Heart Community School

"We treat each child as the Christ child"

Administrators' Message

It has been a fun and productive first month at the home of the Buffalo!  My introduction to the Sacred Heart Community has been highly positive thanks to our students, staff and families.  With Thanksgiving around the corner, we are reminded that seeing opportunities instead of obstacles is crucial to our happiness, success and wellbeing.  This philosophy can be applied in all areas of our lives, whether we are young or old.  That isn't to diminish the challenges we are faced with…life is difficult, complex, and sometimes unpleasant.  But taking the time to consider what we are grateful for gives us insight, hope, strength, creativity, determination and care. 

Thanks to our dedicated staff, our students are blessed with a number of extracurricular opportunities.  The football and cross-country athletes were able to develop skill while engaging in healthy activity.  The Reading Night was a great success with a number of families in attendance and lots of reading happening!  The Terry Fox Run gave our students a better understanding of what can be achieved with courage and dedication.  It has been inspiring to see our students sharing their God-given gifts and talents.

Sacred Heart has an incredible staff, (with the exception of Mr. Ward of course…just kidding!)  Within our walls, you will see teachers, support staff, custodial staff, nutrition staff and our Dreambroker ensuring that every student is well cared for.  I see love personified in the relationships built between all members of our community, making this school a shining example of its namesake, the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We are also thankful for our community partners.  The RCMP Cadets continue to join us for Reading Nights and the students love having their dedicated attention.  In a similar sense, this interaction is one of the most rewarding opportunities that the Cadets are given during their time at Depot.  Every Thursday, Notre Dame students volunteer their time to work with our children – they are wonderful young role models.  Lastly, we celebrated opening mass with the St. Cecelia Parish on September 27th.  The Church is such a warm and welcoming environment, and all families are welcome to attend Sunday celebrations.

Our teaching staff has an Institute Day on October 4th and a Teacher's Convention on the 5th.  These days are incredibly valuable and allow us to learn about the best practices in our field and subsequently, apply these new understandings in our classrooms.  On October 12th, our teachers will attend a staff retreat with the intent of learning about each other and God.

As we move into October, we have another busy month ahead of us.  We have our second Reading Night of the year coming up October 24th.  Immediately prior to Reading Night, parents are invited to attend our second CSCC meeting of the year.  And, of course, we have Halloween coming up at the end of the month.  Volleyball season has begun as well! 

On September 28th, we wore our orange shirts to honour all those affected by Residential Schools.  As Sacred Heart it is our belief that "Every Child Matters" and we will strive to ensure that this mission is central to our efforts and decision-making.  As an extension of this, we will continue to explore the diverse culture that exists within our building throughout the year. 


God Bless,

Matt Brown​