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École St. Angela Merici
Educational Programs

​​​​​​2018 - 2019 LEARNING IMPROVEMENT PLAN GOALS ​​​Attendance Matters.jpg

Each year, the school administration in collaboration with the staff, develops the Learning Improvement Plan. Please find below the goals that we will be working on throughout the 2018 - 2019 school year. 

Communities of Faith
By the end of April 2019, all K-8 teachers will have integrated two service projects into their religion program. One service project will occur during the season of Advent and the second service project will occur during the season of Lent. The service projects will demonstrate stewardship of either time or talent.

By June 2019, 100% of all staff and students are servant leaders who are proclaimers of our Catholic faith and demonstrate stewardship of time, treasure and talent through involvement in retreats, charitable donations, liturgies, service projects, Christian action project, etc.

Student Achievement - Focus on Literacy
By June 2019, the percentage of students who read and comprehend at or above grade level in French will be:
Grade 1 – 70%
Grade 2 – 85%
Grade 3 – 90%
Grade 4 – 85%
Grade 5 – 95%
Grade 6 – 91%
Grade 7 – 80%
Grade 8 – 95%

By June 2019, 75% of students in Grades 4, 7 will be writing at or above grade level as determined by the provincial holistic rubric.

Student Achievement - Mathematical Literacy
By June 2019, the percentage of students who will be at or above grade level for the number strand will be:

Grade 1 – 85%
Grade 2 – 86%
Grade 3 – 80%
Grade 4 – 93%
Grade 5 – 79%
Grade 6 – 75%
Grade 7 – 75%
Grade 8 –75%

Equitable Opportunities and Transitions
By June of 2019, 90% of students exiting Kindergarten will be ready for learning in Grade 1(scoring Tier 1 on the EYE-TA assessment).

Essential Skills and Practices in 21st Century Technology
100% of all RCSD schools will have a Learning Improvement Plan goal that focuses on the improvement of technology integration into instruction.


Learning Resource Program

Students identified as not meeting Outcomes are provided additional supports through our Learning Resource Program (LRP).  Our learning resource teachers work with classroom teachers and our Student Success Team to develop programs and instructional practices to help students succeed to expected levels.  The learning resource teacher also works either with individuals or small groups in pull-out situations, or works with the students and teacher in the regular classroom settings.​​

 Ukrainian Program Information Items:​​

                       Day 1 Afternoon:   Grade 1 and 2, 5 and 6
                  Day 2 Afternoon:   Grade 3 and 4, 7 and 8​​

SWPBIS - School-Wide Positive Behavioural Intervention and Support System

SWPBIS Expectation Matrix - St. Angela 2018.pdf

Our students are expected to model Catholic values and treat all members of the École St. Angela Merici community in a Christ-like way.  In an effort to establish and reinforce consistent behaviour expectations and routines within each classroom and as a school, we utilize a School-Wide Positive Behavioural Intervention and Support (SWPBIS) system.  Our goal is to consistently provide students with positive feedback to reinforce appropriate behaviour.  All staff are familiar with and teach our Expectation Matrix in the first few weeks of the school year.  Staff members then acknowledge positive behaviours each day by handing out tickets to students demonstrating Christ-like behaviour.  SWPBIS draws are held on a weekly basis, offering students who have received a ticket the opportunity to receive a small prize for their appropriate behaviour.  ​