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École St. Angela Merici



Permission Forms

   ​Extra Curricular Contract Generic (opening Package).pdf
  Criminal Records Check Form.pdf
  Automobile Driver Authorization.pdf​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

School Sports:​

​VOLLEYBALL             Volleyball Archive (Boys and Girls) Fall 2017.pdf

BASKETBALL    January:      Girls Basketball Practice and Game Schedule January 2018.pdfbasketball in hoop image.jpg
                                            January:      Boys Basketball Practice and Game Schedule January 2018.pdf               
                                            February:   Girls Basketball Practice and Game Schedule February 2018.pdf ​​
                                            February:   Boys Basketball Practice and Game Schedule February 2018.pdf

                                            March:         Boys Basketball Practice and Game Schedule March 2018.pdf

School Lego League:

​​January Practice and Game Schedule​: January 2018.pdf

School Musical

Beauty and the Beast.jpg

École St. Angela Merici is proud to present this year's musical: Disney's Beauty and the Beast Jr!  Students are very excited about this show and rehearsals have already begun.  

Our performances will be on May 1 and 2 at 7 p.m. at O'Neill High School.  Hope to see you there!

 Hi Parents,

Here is the December schedule for the musical.  For the first two weeks, students only have to come if they are part of the songs mentioned on the schedule.  If students do not know which songs they are part of, they are to  contact Mme Schikowski.  The rehearsals for the 18th-22nd are for the entire cast.  Everyone should attend those two days.  Please make sure that students are picked up on time after every rehearsal. 

December Musical Information:  ​​02 - December Musical Schedule.pdf revised December 7, 2017

Thank you!
Jennifer Schikowsky



​Practice Schedule: 
All practices are held in the Multi Purpose Room
Day/Jour 1 :    11h55-12h40 Mme Piquette -Seniors     
Day4/Jour 4:   11h55-12h40  Mme McGrane &Mme Fischer :  Juniors & Seniors                                      
Day5/Jour 5:   11h55-12h25  Mme Fischer -Juniors

​​Game Schedule:

​January 15, 2018​St. Mary @ St. Angela Merici​3:35 p.m to 4:35 p.m
​January 17, 2018​St. Pius @ St. Angela Merici​​3:35 p.m to 4:35 p.m
​January 22, 2018​St. Angela Merici @ St. Elizabeth​​3:35 p.m to 4:35 p.m
​January 23, 2018​Monseigneur de Laval @ St. Angela Merici​​3:35 p.m to 4:35 p.m
​January24, 2018​St. Angela Merici @ Monseigneur de Laval​​3:35 p.m to 4:35 p.m
​January 29, 2018​St. Angela Merici @ St. Pius​​3:35 p.m to 4:35 p.m
​January 30, 2018​St. Angela Merici @ St. Mary​​3:35 p.m to 4:35 p.m
​January 31, 2018​St. Angela Merici @ St. Kateri Takakwitha​​3:35 p.m to 4:35 p.m
​February 5, 2018​St. Kateri Takakwitha @ St. Angela Merici​​3:35 p.m to 4:35 p.m
​February 7, 2018​St. Elizabeth @ St. Angela Merici ​​3:35 p.m to 4:35 p.m
February 9, 2018​​Grand Match @ Miller High School Theatre​11:30 a.m.

Students will be bussed to the host school and parents are asked to pick up their children at 4:35 p.m.

St. Kateri School :  4415 James Hill Rd 
St. Elizabeth School : 5149 East Green Brooks Way 
St. Mary School: 140 McIntosh St. North
St. Pius School: 3301 Garnet St
St. Angela School: 6823 Gillmore Dr
Ecole Monseigneur de Laval, Elementary Pavilion: 1601 Cowan Crescent, but pick up on Hillsdale at 3850 Hillsdale St. (Carrefour des Plaines sign above exterior door)