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​​CSCC Social Media Policy for CSCC Facebook Page: Γ‰cole St. Angela Merici 

facebook-logo.jpgWelcome to the CSCC Facebook Page for Γ‰cole St. Angela Merici.  We are a parent-run organization that is responsible for developing a shared responsibility for learning success and well-being of the children and youth, encourages and facilitates parent and community engagement in school planning and improvement processes, and provides guidance and direction from a lay perspective.  As such, this Facebook page will connect our parents, update parents about CSCC-organized events, and set reminders for CSCC Meetings.​​​​

 COMPLETE DOCUMENT   CSCC Facebook Page Social Policy.pdf

1.    On Going Fundraiser: Mabel's Labels and Cobs Bread
We have a couple new fundraisers to announce. The best thing is they are effortless! And there are no deadlines – these ones are ongoing throughout the school year and beyond. Plus, you can contribute just by purchasing products you likely already buy on a regular basis


We have registered in the COBS Bread Dough Raiser Program. It’s easy! When purchasing COBS Bread (Rochdale location only), simply tell them you are with Ecole St. Angela Merici. They will track the amounts purchased, and at the end of the year they will give us back 5% of our amount spent.

We have also registered with Mabel’s Labels. All you have to do is head to and click on β€œSupport A Fundraiser.” Search for β€œEcole St. Angela Merici CSCC (Regina)” and start shopping! The CSCC will receive 20% commission on all sales, all year round at no extra cost to us or to you. Order online and the labels will be sent directly to you. Also, there are NO SHIPPING FEES!! 

There are lots of great holiday items for sale right now, and they make great stocking stuffers. We are also hoping to make a custom St. Angela Merici label with the Griffons logo and school colours. We will let you know when it is available for purchase. 

All proceeds will go back to the CSCC, which provides classroom supports, bus rides for excursions, school dances, treat days, and much more. Thank you so much for your support!


2.    Muffin Club

​Items needed: 24 nut-free muffins packed in a container you do not want back: ie: baggies

If you or someone in your family can spare some time, muffins, over the course of this year or if you can be one of our drivers, please contact CSCC member, Merelda Potter, at​ Please send her your email and telephone number so she may reach you.  The drop off dates are below:

2020 - 2021  Muffin Club Drop Off Date