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Improv Grand Match Finale

February 11, 2020

Félicitations et bravo à l’équipe d’Impro cette saison!  Grand Match_3_cropped.jpg

Congratulations to the French Improvisation Team for a great season this year! 

We were very pleased with all the students who attended noon hour practices and after school games, as well as the effort put forth to speak and act in French during all the Improv games. We especially want to thank all the parents, grandparents and anyone else who helped drive our team to away games at the various schools, merci beaucoup!

Another huge thank you to all the teachers who helped by being judges for our games at school, without your help, we would not be able to have our after school competitions.     This year we had five teams in our league: St. Mary, St. Pius, St. Kateri, St.Elizabeth, and Laval.  We ended our season on a positive note, by attending Le Grand Match on Thursday, February 6 at the LeBoldus School Theatre.  We were “Griffon” proud of the great effort we put forth as a whole team during Le Grand Match, and we did not receive any penalties in all of our games played, as we spoke all in French and followed all the themes respectfully.  

Congratulations to St. Pius who won Le Grand Match and thank-you to the judges and Dianne Lacasse who supported and participated in this French extra curricular activity during French Immersion Week and the 50th Anniversary of French Immersion in the Regina Catholic School System!  

After the match was over, medals were awarded for the following:
      Junior Team Spirit Award:        Nathan H. 
      Senior Team Spirit Award:        Eythan C.  
      Junior Star of the Team:              Ben T.  
      Seniors Star of the Team:          John B.

Thank you to Mme Piquette, our Impov referee and coach at St. Angela Merici, and to Mme Akinpelu and Mme Fischer who coached the team this year. 

Finally, a big thank you to all the parents, grandparents, friends and family, who came out to cheer on the team; your support and encouragement was greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to the 2020 French Improv Team: (16 Juniors and 11 Seniors)

Juniors:        Allegra, Ben, Connor, Ethan, Gady, Jack, Lucas, Matthew, Nantus, Nathan, Nicholas, Orion, Reece, Savion, Sebastien and Tad.
Seniors:      Carter, Dayvinee, Devlin, Eythan, Heidi, John, Kade, Kassia, Mina, Tavion and Thomas.