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École St. Angela Merici Virtual Class Tours

September 01, 2020

Teachers have prepared virtual tours of their learning spaces which highlight government mandated safety protocols in classroom desks.jpgplace throughout our building.

These virtual tours have been  shared with our  parents by their child's classroom teacher.

For students who are still apprehensive about the return to school after the virtual tours there will be the opportunity for scheduled tours on Thursday, September 3rd from 1:00-3:00 and 4:30-6:30. 

You can sign up for a tour using this link which will be live from 3:30 on Tuesday, September 1st to 9:00am Thursday, September 3rd

Please Click on your child's teacher's name to view the tour.

Mme Sobering​

Mme Riffel

Mme Peters

Mme Ethier

Mme Ebenda

Mme Courchene

Mme Schiltz

Mme Franklin

Mme Astrope

Mme Stringer

Mme Fischer

Mme Metz

Mme Wiseman

Mme  Akinpelu

Mme Mushumanski

Mme St. Onge

M. St. Amand

Mme Paysen

Mme Christopherson

Mme Howden

Mme McGrane

Mme Zwarych

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