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School Start Up Information

September 04, 2020

Student Pickup and Drop-off

With increased parent transportation this year, the school is trying to alleviate potential traffic congestion issues surrounding our building.Back_to_school_2020_large.jpg

  • OLDER STUDENTS: To try and decrease the number of vehicles in the direct vicinity of the school/ bus loading zone, we ask that our OLDER STUDENTS use the back playground to exit the school grounds
  • YOUNGER STUDENTS: For our younger students we invite parents to wait outside of the playground fences to meet your child in order to maintain physical distancing from our staff and students. Students who are bussing can walk around the front of the school building and board their assigned bus as per past practice.  Students who walk home can proceed along their usual route home.
  • PARKING: . Parents can park WEST of the bus lane along Gillmore Drive and SOUTH of the bus lane along Maple Ridge Drive.  There is also the option of parking along Whelan Drive and having your son or daughter walk down the park path to meet you.

We ask that parents who are picking up their child(ren) from school please email the classroom teacher to let them know of your designated meeting place.  Also, please reinforce with your child that if they are meeting you and something unforeseen occurs (late for pick-up, scheduling error, etc) that they should return to the school and come to the office so we can help them. The last thing we want is for kids to leave from one of these designated locations and feel that they are unable to come back to the school in the event that a problem arises.

We are aware that some students are responsible for picking up younger siblings to walk home, or meet groups of other students to proceed to daycare. These meeting places must be outside on the playground. Students cannot retrieve siblings/ other students from inside the building in order to remain in cohorts to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 in the building.

Of course we do encourage walking, biking or scootering to school as much as possible while the weather remains tolerable.

We kindly ask that parents refrain from entering the playground at the end of the day in order to maintain physical distancing measures and limit the spread of Covid-19.


Student Personal Protective Equipment Protocol

With the interest of student and teacher safety at the forefront, members of the   École St. Angela Merici community have been planning for and anticipating a return to school for the last several weeks.  

 We are hoping for the best, yet preparing for challenges.  With that in mind, we have specific protocols in place for these items to help mitigate the transmission of viruses.


  • Water Bottles: Students cannot drink from the water fountain, therefore they must use the  bottle filler station or, for those who have one, the tap in their classroom.  Students perform better when hydrated.  Most students bring a water bottle to school but many forget; please ensure that your child comes to school with a water bottle for use throughout the day.


  • Face Masks: As you are all aware all students in grades 4 – 12 in RCSD are required to wear masks when they can't maintain physical distancing or anytime they are inside the school.   At St. Angela Merici we have a Grade 3_4  classroom and students in that room, regardless of their grade level, will all be required to wear a mask.  Students in Grades K - 3 are encouraged to wear a mask.


The RCSD purchased a mask for all of our Grades 3_4 to 8 students.  We anticipate that most families will also have purchased a mask or two for their child to allow for a clean mask to be worn at school each day.   Please make sure you label your child's mask.  Each classroom also has a supply of disposable masks for when one is lost, dropped, dirty or forgotten.   Show our love for one another by masking up!


  • Griffons Buff: Wearing a mask, moving around, and not losing it, is going to be a challenge.  Several weeks ago, we purchased a stylish buff for our students to wear.  You can wear this buff several ways, one of which being an additional layer of face covering.  Last week the CMO of Saskatchewan informed us that any "buff" will not take the place of a mask.  Students can still wear their buffs around their neck, over their mask, or on spirit days.  We have 500 of these so please ensure that your child's name is written on the buff.

School Supplies

Being that we shared virtual classroom tours this year in lieu of having an Unpack Your Backpack evening, we realize that students coming to school on the first day may be overloaded if they bring all of their supplies that day. 

We advise and encourage families to send supplies over the course of the first few days of school and not all at once.  If you have questions about what they might specifically need that first day please contact your child's classroom teacher for direction.

 Stay up to Date

With a lot of information being shared about school re-entry and pandemic protocols, we invite to you to check our website for the most current information from our school.  Please also follow us on Twitter (@GriffonsRCSD) or on Instagram @StAngela_Regina. 

Parent Parking Neighorhood Map.png

Student Entry School Map.pdf


Reminder regarding the CSCC AGM September 14 at 7:00 p.m. More details to follow. 

Have a great long weekend and we will see you back on September 8th and 9th!