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Mid May Parent Information Letter

May 13, 2021

​It is great to be back to face-to-face learning! We have greatly enjoyed the energy in our building and getting to witnessmid May parent information letter.jpg the students' excitement at being back in the building.       Thank-you once again to all parents for your support during online learning!


Student Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures

Earlier this week we experienced an unfortunate incident where one of our students collided with a motorist at the end of the school day.  Luckily, no one was seriously hurt however this is not the first such incident at École St. Angela Merici. 

Parents, we need your continued support and cooperation to keep student safety at the forefront of our procedures. 

As has been communicated at a number of points throughout the year we ask that all students and parents PLEASE go to the corners of the intersections before crossing the street to get to your vehicles. PLEASE DO NOT CROSS THE STREET RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BUSSES, IMMEDIATELY BEHIND THE BUSSES OR BETWEEN ANY BUSSES. This is EXTREMELY dangerous as cars driving cannot see you until it is too late. If your child walks with older siblings or older children from daycare, please reinforce this with them. Help us to be good role models for our children so that we can keep them safe. 

 We also ask that parents DO NOT PULL INTO THE STAFF PARKING LOTS in front of the school or on the East side to drop off or pick up kids. Those spaces are for staff parking only and it creates more traffic around the busses that can be dangerous.  We invite you also to consider picking up your son or daughter at the end of the park path on Whelan Drive or the end of the path at the West end of Gillmore Drive to entirely avoid the congestion around the school.

 We have reviewed all of these procedures with our students and will have extra supervision outside after school especially to help to reinforce these expectations; our school resource officer Cst. Erin Black will also be on hand in the next few weeks to help celebrate students who are mindful of keeping themselves and others safe.  We thank you all for supporting our commitment to the safety of your children!

CSCC Annual General Meeting and Elections

Please also be reminded of the CSCC AGM which will be held on June 14th at 7:00pm.  Our school's Catholic School Community Council is made up of an incredible group of parent volunteers who support a number of initiatives within our school to support students and their learning.  Any parent of students attending École St. Angela Merici is welcome to attend any of the meetings or keep up to date on the activities of the council by checking out their page on our website.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook as well!  For the 2021-2022 school year there will be two vacant positions, those of chair and vice-chair.  If you are willing to let your name stand for either position please complete the nomination form which can be found here.  And email the form to Mme Tomasiewicz at See you on the 14th at the AGM!

Moving in Faith

Moving in Faith - May 9-16, 2021

How Far Can Your Faith Take You?

We're moving from the Holy Rosary Cathedral all the way to the Vatican. That's 8,067 kilometers. Will you join us?

Send the number of kilometers you cover each day May 9-16 to

We'll make some fun faith stops along the way!

 We need 2,769 km to reach our first stop, St. Mary's Cathedral in Kingston, Ontario.

Once we hit 2,852 km, we'll take a virtual tour of Notre Dame in Montreal, Quebec!

Then we really need your kilometers to move far enough to make it across the pond to check out St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. That's when we collectively hit 6,192 km!

Then a bit more moving until we hit 6,637 km to virtually enjoy Westminster Abbey in London, England, which began as a Benedictine Monastery.

Our final stop before the Vatican will be after 6,970 km. We will tour Notre Dame in Paris, France.

Then, once we've covered 8,067 km, we will reach our destination, the Vatican in Rome.

Please send us your kilometers daily to  We'll keep everyone updated on social media, and you just might spy the Moving in Faith Prize Patrol! Walk, run, jog, stroll, wheel, roller blade, pull a wagon, push a stroller, however you want to move is up to you! May God bless us all on our journey!

Classroom Placements 2021-2022

Our staff has already begun the complex work of building classrooms for next school year.  Classroom teachers have taken the time to speak with students about their friend requests; please do not send these requests to Mme Vany.  If you have any insight that we at the school might not already be aware of regarding your child's learning needs please direct this communication by Friday, May 13th to Mme Vany at  A reminder that requests for specific teachers will not be honored as we are fortunate to have staff that is committed, engaged and diverse in their strengths and experiences.

Hot Lunch May 20th

 Finally, our next hot lunch will be provided by Subway and will be served on Thursday, May 20th.  If you would like this lunch for your child please be sure to have their order submitted on by midnight Friday, May 13th.


Stay safe and healthy as you continue to enjoy spring!


École St. Angela Merici