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St. Augustine Community School
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​Partner of The Month - Little Flower Parish:
In the past 12 months we have witnessed how focused time, effort and purpose has improved the relationship between little Flower Parish and St. Augustine School. While many have been involved much of the credit must go to Bonnie Thiele Hunt and Mrs. Shynkaruk. These two ladies joined us last spring and immediately made an effort to see greater involvement of parish activities with our students and families. Not only do our students attend mass and liturgy at the church for school activities they have all attended a few workshops led by Father Jose and Bonnie. Bonnie is often at the school rounding up children for Sacramental preparation. Father and Bonnie have also visited all our classrooms to bring the good news and good wishes to our little ones. The parish has again opened the door to our activities. Our Grade 8 , Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten farewells will all be held at the church and parish hall. Many thanks to Father Jose, Bonnie. Mrs. Shynkaruk and the many parish members who have supported the many activities with our children. Awesome!​