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St. Bernadette School
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thank you to our Coaches!!

We all do not do enough to show our appreciation to our coaches. They are spending quality time with our athletes and demonstrating outstanding skill development and leadership. Without these volunteers, your children would not have these opportunities. ​ Many thanks to our coaches!! 

Coaches: Boys' Team:  Miss Tran, Ms. Stratilo-Campbell, Miss Rowland
Coaches: Girls' Team - Bern 1:  Ms. Baudu, Mr. Soroka, Ms. Kapila
Coaches: Girls' Team - Bern A:  Ms. Collins, Mr. Van Betuw

Volleyball Tryouts and Team Selection 
  • ​​During the regular season, players on the game day roster will play at least one set.  During the playoffs, playing time is dependent on player ability, the level of competition and team results.
Volleyball Games:
  • Boys games
    • November 13th game @ St. Bernadette vs. St. Marguerite
    • November 15th game @ St. Nicholas
    • November 20th game @ Sacred Heart
  • Girls Bern 1 games
    • November 14th game @ St. Angela
    • November 15th game @ St. Francis
    • November 19th game @ St. Josaphat
    • November 20th game @ St. Bernadette vs. St. Mary
  • ​​Girls Bernadette A games​
    • ​November 14th - Game @ Sacred Heart
    • November 20th - Game @ St. Michael​
​Cross Country 

Coaches: Ms. Davies, Mrs. Reding, Mrs. Yung, Ms. Stratilo - Campell, Ms. Kapila

Our cross-country season also ended last Thursday. In Bobcat cold weather, our 62 runners ran to attain their personal best and compete against 500 other RC athletes. Bobcat coaches ran the finish line and witnessed plenty of top 20 results.  Congratulations on a successful season. ​​​

Coaches: Boys' Team: Mr. Murray, Mr. Soroka
Coaches: Girls' Team: Ms. Jackson, Mr. Landry

The boys football team played a very competitive game against the Knights from St. Nicholas. A pass into the end zone on the last play of the game fell incomplete to result in a 25 to 19 loss.  The girls travelled to St. Gregory for a defensive struggle which ended in a 7 to 0 loss.  The Bobcats played 12 games and held 13 practices in three short weeks !  We are very proud of the effort and the growth these athletes made. Big thanks to the parents who drove the players and gave consistent fan support. Thanks to all the coaches. 

​Coaches: Ms. Davies, Mrs. Kupper and Ms. Kapila

​Saint Bernadette Bobcats had a very successful improv season. They placed second in our division which landed us a place in the city wide finals. Great work Bobcats!