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St. Bernadette School
Supply List

​​​​​​ Please note the following important information:   

  • ​​Supply List: The list provided is a general supply list. In the fall, your child’s teacher may have a few additional requests specific to their classroom needs.   

  • Labeling your child’s belongings: Please label your child’s personal supplies with their name. This includes clothing and footwear.   

  • School Footwear: We request all students have a pair of running shoes or cross trainers especially in the gym. These can also serve as their footwear inside the school when they are required to remove their muddy or wet outdoor footwear. Please purchase non-marking runners for gym wear. Please note that β€œBoard Shoes” provide a flat sole to help with the balance while skateboarding, but they are not designed for movement in a Physical Education class.   
  • Gym Clothing for Grade 5 – 8: All students will need a gym top and shorts for their physical education in the gym.  β€‹

  •  Agendas: Agendas will be provided for students in Grades 1 to 6. We encourage students to use their agendas.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school.


Click here​​​ ​to view supply list for 2022-2023.