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St. Bernadette School
Library Helpers

Due to COVID-19 safety procedures, St. Bernadette Library will not have any library helpers this school year.​

​Why Become a Library Helper?

  • To be a positive role model for library users
  • To provide student input
  • To promote the library to other students
  • To extend your skills in using the library
  • To work as part of a team
  • To assist with a range of library duties
  • To model responsible, helpful behavior
  • To encourage and promote the love of reading


Student library helpers are essential to a smooth running library.

  • You must be willing to commit to a regular schedule of helping in the library.
  • A library helper must be reliable and accurate in shelving books and keeping the library organized.
  • A library helper must be courteous, respectful, and helpful while performing your duties.

Recess Duties

  1. ​​​Ask Mrs. LaBelle if you can help in any way: Shelving, changing bulletin boards, tidying up.
  2. Return any books from the return bin.
  3. Straighten up the books on the shelves - have books standing straight up with the spine facing out. (check that books are in correct alphabetical order).
  4. Fill any empty spaces in the display.​
  5. Be cheerful and approachable to everybody using the library, so that they all see it as a friendly place to visit.


Well done and thank you!