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Educational Programs

What is French Immersion?

Research findings over the years have consistently shown that French Immersion is the most effective method for teaching French to Anglophones and Allophones where functional bilingualism is the desired goal. In Immersion programs the pupil "lives" all or a significant part of the total school experience in the second language. The pupil learns in French rather than about French. French Immersion students are taught all or a large part of the regular curriculum in French using French textbooks. All assignments, written and oral, are completed in French and the language of instruction is French.

By the end of elementary school, Immersion students approach functional levels in French listening, comprehension and reading skillls, although they are usually distinguishable from Francophones in speaking and writing skills. When students have taken advantage of the opportunity to use their French language skills with Francophones outside the classroom, even this distinction can disappear.

Continuing French Immersion (secondary French Immersion) refers to the continuation of a French Immersion program at the high school level. Its objective is to ensure that competence in French keeps pace with the student's intellectual and general maturity.

"The pupil learns in French rather than about French."

French Immersion Objectives

French Immersion is a process by which a student acquires advanced fluency in the French language. The Immersion program is designed to provide non-French speaking students an opportunity to:

  • ​meet all the objectives established by the Ministry of Education;
  • becoming functionally fluent in French and English;
  • recognize Canada's rich ethnic nature and bilingual status within a multicultural mosaic;
  • enrich the students's personal culture and foster a greater appreciation of the global village;
  • foster the intellectual, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and creative development of children;
  • enable students to pursue further education and careers in either or both languages.