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École St. Elizabeth
Literacy Events

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LAST day for the 25 cent book sale is Thursday, June 14 at 9AM.


Book Swap

Do you have books that your child is no longer reading? Is your child looking for a new reading adventure? Then consider participating in our Book Swap! We are looking for previously enjoyed French and English books. During the week of June 4-8, Mme Kobelsky will collect books that are in very good condition. At first, the students were to get tickets however that will create a lot of unnecessary waste. Mme Kobelsky will keep track of numbers of books brought in by the students.  For each book brought in, a student will be allowed to take one book.  Any books that are left a book can be purchased for the low price of 25 cents once all other Swap participants have completed their swap.  The Swap will be held in the library June 11, 13 and 14. Closed June 12 for Play Day.

* Books must be turned in by Friday, June 8 to Mme Kobelsky.
* Books must be in great shape, no water damage, no tears, no yellowing of the pages and no books previously owned by RPL
* Non-Fiction books must have recent, current information.
* All books are considered equal value regardless of length and genre of book.
* Students are not guaranteed to get the same number of books from the Book Swap as they brought in therefore your extra books become a donation ~ you will not receive any money for unclaimed books.
 If you have any questions, please contact Mme Kobelsky.

 We have a great selection of books and the students are excited to get some "new" books for the summer!

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