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St. Francis Community School

St. Francis School is proud to offer the following inter-school teams:

​Cross Country
​Grade 4-8
​Ice Improv
​Grade 5-8
​Grade 7-8
​Grade 7-8
​Grade 7-8
​Battle of the Books
​Grade 5-8
​Grade 5-8
​Track & Field
​Grade 4-8

The structure of the Regina Catholic Schools athletic programs differs from community leagues in a number of ways.  One key difference is that our school size can generate a large number of students who wish to try-out for our various extra-curricular teams.  As a result, for coaching purposes, a final team selection process will be necessary to arrive at manageable student numbers.  If team numbers are too high, it is difficult, if not impossible, to provide adequate playing time and attention to individual skill development.  As well, large numbers make practice sessions unmanageable and less productive.  For these reasons, we will conduct a selection process using the following criteria:

  • ATTENDANCE - students attend all practices and will notify the coach if they will be absent.
  • SPORTSMANSHIP - students demonstrate a positive attitude and act as goodwill ambaassadors for the school.
  • "COACHABILITY" - students are willing to respond t coaching instructions, suggestions, and ideas.
  • TEAM SPIRIT - student behaviour towards all of thier teammates is suppportive at all times.
  • SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS - A student's skill level/ability is not a safety concern to self or others.

This process is very similar to the one that students will experience at the high school level, should they choose to compete in inter-school athletics.

Selection decisions are difficult, but essential to the success of individuals and the team.  These decisions must be made at the discretion of the coaches.  The coaches' decisions will be final.

The number of students kept on the school team will vary, depending on the participants' ability to meet the criteria, and coaches' decision.  Playing time for the students will be determined at the coaches' discretion, again based upon the athlete meeting or exceeding the cirteria, and the levels of competition presented.

We have great confidence that each offered activity will be fun and successful.  We do not foresee any problems arising but we will deal with any that occur.

​Participation in an inter-school sport is contingent on the player/student being able to keep up with their classroom responsibilities. Regular attendance at the school and appropriate behaviour are expected from all our students.  The classroom teacher and/or the coach have the discretion to remove the student from the inter-school sport for a short-term or long-term period due to incomplete assignments, irregular attendance and inappropriate behaviour at school.

It is the coaches' intention to attempt to play all students kept on the team for some portion of time during the regular season. Some students may not have the opportunity to play during playoff games, depending on the level of competition presented.