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St. Francis Community School
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Dental Health

November 05, 2019


A Saskatchewan Health Authority, Oral Health Professional will be in your school November 25-28, 2019. Please watch for consents coming home with your child offering the Fluoride Varnish program to Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten students and Dental Sealant Program to students in Grade 1 with follow up in Grade 2. The oral health of our children is very important and we offer this program at no charge. Please acknowledge this opportunity for your child by returning consents with a clear "yes" or "no" for your child as soon as possible.

If your child is not eligible for these services due to their age/grade and you have questions or concerns regarding your child's dental health, please contact our office at 306-766-6331. Our Dental Health Professionals are dedicated to the communities in which they serve.​

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