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St. Gabriel School
Principal's Message

​​Principal's Message… 

Our Catholic Faith:
Our Thanksgiving Liturgy will be held on Tuesday, October 19h at 9:00 am assembly hosted by Mrs. Borys' Grade 2/3's and Mr. Kuntz's Grade 7/8's.

We are hosting the Sunday mass at 11:00 am at Resurrection Parish on October 21st. Please join us and wear your Guardian Spirit Wear! 

​Our School Responsibility Plan:
Each month, as stated in our School Responsibility Plan, we will focus on one virtue to help our students develop a better sense of moral intelligence. This month's virtue is Respect, and will be presented in daily prayer and a bulletin board display by Mrs. Wiley's Grade 6 class and Ms. Papandreou. Our "Guardian of the Month" presentations, to the student who best demonstrates that monthly virtue in the classroom and around the school, will be announced at our next Monthly Assembly on Friday, October 26 at 9:00 am in the gym. All of the students who earn a "Guardian of the Month" recognition in the first half of the year will attend an activity/excursion in the afternoon with Mr. Fuchs and me in February as a "thank you" for showing such positive behavior around St. Gabriel School.

​Our Curriculum & Assessment:
Our School Leadership Team is currently working on developing our Learning Improvement Plan, which includes our school goals and subsequent action plans for the year. Once we have created the draft copy, we will share this with our CSCC at the monthly meeting on Wednesday, October 24. The final copy of school goals will be available on our website for parents to view.

The teachers have been/will be administering division assessments in writing and math to help them get a baseline for their classes' and individual students' strengths and needs. Student portfolios are also being created and developed as part of the assessment and planning for learning process.

​This process also involves student goal setting, as well as selecting a collection of student work to display in portfolios. These portfolios are sent home prior to the Parent Student Teacher Conferences coming up in November. Please be aware that our PSTC (Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences) will be held over 2 evenings – Wednesday, November 21 and Thursday, November 22, with no school on Friday, November 23 as a result of the extra time put in by teachers on those nights. We are once again using the online scheduling system. I will send that information out later this month.

​Our Communication with the Community:
October 15 – 19 is Education Week. The theme is "Together We Are Better". There will be a number of activities and events planned for that week by our staff committee.

​Our next CSCC meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 24 at 6:30 pm in the library. As mentioned earlier, we will be sharing the Learning Improvement Plan (school goals) that night so everyone is welcome to attend. 

Thank you for a wonderful, smooth and calm start to our school year. We truly appreciate your support and feedback. I encourage parents to call the teachers directly for in-class questions/concerns, or me for school-wide related issues.

Email me @ if you have any questions/concerns!

​God Bless,
Mrs. Anne Lutz