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St. Gabriel School
Principal's Message

Principal's Message…

​Our Catholic Faith:
On Monday, April 16th @ 9:00 am, Mme Penna's grade 6 class will host our Easter liturgy in the gym. Please join us!

​Our School Responsibility Plan:
Each month, as stated in our School Responsibility Plan, we will focus on one virtue to help our students develop a better sense of moral intelligence. This month's virtue is "Truthfulness" and is presented in daily prayer and a bulletin board display by Mrs. Bernard's grade 2 class and Mr. Kuntz's grade 7 class. Our "Guardian of the Month" presentations, to the student who best demonstrates that monthly virtue in the classroom and around the school, will be announced at our next Monthly Assembly on Friday, May 4th in the gym at 9:00 am. All of the students who earn a "Guardian of the Month" recognition from February to June will attend a movie in the afternoon with Mr. Fuchs and me in June as a "thank you" for showing such positive behavior around St. Gabriel School.

​Our Curriculum and Assessment (Informing vs Reporting):
Thank you to the parents who attended Term 2 PSTC. I did hear some positive feedback that parents appreciated the portfolios being sent home ahead of time to allow more time for teachers to dialogue with them!

​If you know you will be moving next school year, please inform the office now as we are getting close to setting up classrooms and placements! It does help us significantly with planning if we know to expect students to be at a new school in the fall!

​Our Communication with the Community:
Principals have been asked by the RCSD board members to sell tickets for a draw which helps them fundraise for the Catholic Education Matters campaign. Tickets are $10 each. First prize is 4 tickets to the Eagles concert in Regina, second prize is $250 and third prize is $100. I will have the tickets here at the office if you wish to purchase any for this cause.

We received the list of administrative placements for RCSD for the fall and Mr. Fuchs and I are both pleased to be staying in our current roles as principal and vice principal for the fall!! My retirement is looming in the near future so I am very excited to be at St. Gabriel for at least one more year – hopefully the final two!!!

Email me @ if you ever have any questions/concerns!

​God Bless,
Mrs. Anne Lutz