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St. Gabriel School
Principal's Message

Welcome Back Guardians: 

I am truly blessed to be the principal of St. Gabriel.   It has been less than three months since I began meeting teachers and planning to serve this beautiful community and every moment has been positive.   I have enjoyed being the administrator at all my previous schools and it looks to be no different here.  St. Gabriel is a place where students, teachers, and families can experience, "Live, Learn, Laugh and Pray" on a daily basis.   We need the support of our community to be successful and yet we can do so much to support our community.  As principal at St. Gabriel I will explore and implement decisions which build a culture of learning ,service, and shared responsibility.  We truly want to start this decade knowing that in the next ten months our students will show everyone they have met high expectations for reading, math, and personal social values and skills.  We do this knowing that we can serve the Lord by ensuring we make the most of our talents and showing appreciation for those who make this possible.  

Mrs. Morhart and I want to ensure you that we want nothing but the best for the children and families at St. Gabriel.   We arrive at your school with a commitment to create opportunities for teachers and students to Know, Love and Serve our God.   It is important to note that education cannot stand still.   We want to respect the past, acknowledge and keep what is successful.  By maintaining trusting relationships we manage resources and promote professional learning so our teaches can make the greatest impact.  Quality instruction and assessment are key so our children can take advantage of the learning opportunities they chose.  A quality learning environment and clear educational goals will enable the teaching and learning process to flourish.    

We want St. Gabriel to be a place where students, teachers, and families look forward to coming.   When learning is engaging and enjoyable it has a lasting impact and changes lives.   Even though we are in this time of COVID-19 we recognize the extrinsic motivation of spirit days, exciting lessons, extra-curricular activities and friendships will foster the intrinsic motivation for individuals to dedicated themselves to a focused commitment on being the best they can be.  People want to be around success so lets work together to reach academic standards, be healthy, and celebrate a bright future.

Stop by for a chat if you want to share your ideas, dreams, and aspirations for your children and the school.  Help make our school special.   May 2020 not only remind us of COVID-19 but the year your child met all of their goals and our Guardian expectations. 

See you Soon!