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St. Gabriel School
Band Announcements

The band students performed at our Spring Concert on May 30th and did a super job!  Wishing all the grade 8 students all the best going into grade 9 and looking forward to teaching all the grade 7 and 8 students going into band next year!   Our school performances were a great success. Performing at our four elementary schools, lunch at the mall and bowling was a great way to celebrate the year.  The grade 6 school concert tour was on May 28th and the grade 7-8 tour was on will be on June 4.   

Parents, if any vests are at your home, please have your child return them to the main office at your school soon as possible.  They are at a value of $50 each so it is important that we get them all back!  If you are continuing in band next year, please keep your red or blue method book for September/2018.

THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL YEAR OF MUSIC!  See you next year!  I hope your child has the opportunity to go to band camp this summer.  Check on line to the Saskatchewan Band Association website.

Please contact Mrs. Ghiglione, South East Area Band Teacher for any questions at


Dear Grade 5 Parents,

We would like to invite your child to be a member of the South East Area Band for grade 6.  I will be trying the instruments with your child's if they are registered for band in June. I will discuss the band program and will give to the student additional information to take home.   The Regina Catholic School Band Program is one of the largest and successful in the province.  There are over 1200 school musicians involved in a variety of elementary, high school and specialty bands, including select band, honour band and jazz bands. 

*Band can be one of the most enjoyable experiences your child will have in school.  It is an excellent means of developing self-confidence, group responsibility and leadership, as well as an appreciation of music.  You do not need any musical experience to be in the band program.  This is a great place to learn to play and instrument and how to read music!

 *Band is an integral part of the school program; there is no fee for the instruction.  All instruction is during class time.  Students are on a pull out program from regular classes on a rotated basis.  Students will have a 30 minute small group lesson once a week at their home school on a particular day.  They are transported by bus to Miller High School for a 1 hour rehearsal once a week. 

 Please contact Mrs. Ghiglione, South East Area Band Teacher for any questions.