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St. Gabriel School

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Battle of the Books is an exciting type of reading club that uses a game show format to challenge teams' knowledge of eight pre-selected books from a variety of authors and genres.   Teams of students are asked questions based on the characters, plots, themes, and settings of the books.  Points are scored by correctly identifying the titles and authors of the books.​

​Junio​​​​​​r BOB

​Seni​or BOB

​​​​​​Dates ​

Grade 3 -Day 4                                  Grade 4- Day                                       ​                                                        

Thurs., Oct. 25th                              Wed., Oct. 24th  
Thurs., Nov. 1st                                Wed., Oct. 31st
Tues., Nov. 13th                                Wed., Nov. 7th
Tues., Nov. 20th                                Mon., Nov. 19th
Tues., Nov. 27th​                                Mon., Nov. 26th

Grade 5 -Day 3                                  Grade 6-8 - Day 4                                      ​                                                        

Fri., Oct. 27th                                   Wed., Oct. 25th  
Fri., Nov.3rd                                      Wed., Nov. 1st
Tues., Nov. 14                                    Wed., Nov. 8th
Tues., Nov. 21                                    Frid., Nov. 17th
Wed., Nov. 29th​                                 Mon., Nov. 27th​

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