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St. Gregory School
Principal's Greeting

Welcome to St. Gregory School!Jeff_Hamon_Portrait_Photography_SH_100_web.jpg

St. Gregory School is a faith filled school.  St. Gregory School is dedicated to working in cooperation with the parents, parish and the community to promote a quality Catholic education emphasizing student growth in an atmosphere of caring, respect, responsibility and dignity.  The school community is very inclusive and accepting, while exemplifying respect and consideration. 

The school and community work closely together, through the very active Catholic School Community Council (CSCC).  We believe that parents are an integral part of the learning process and they need to be well informed. We invite you to be an active participant in your child’s education! Without support mechanisms within the home, chances for success within the school environment are reduced and we want to provide the highest quality of education for your children!

For parents and students new to St. Gregory School, we extend a warm welcome. We will continue to work to make the school experience a rich and fulfilling learning environment for all attending students.

St. Gregory School Beliefs:

We believe in...

  • Living by Christ’s Example
  • Safety for all
  • A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Respect
  • Learning

Again, welcome to St. Gregory where we learn and grow in God's grace as a family!

Ms. Sharlene Holliday

"Growing in God's Grace"