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St. Gregory School
Principal's Greeting

​​​​Welcome to St. Gregory School!


We are so blessed to have you join our family at St. Gregory School!  We are all looking forward to the 2019-20 school year with great hope and anticipation.  Our dedicated staff have been busy preparing to provide a quality Catholic education in a caring and respectful school atmosphere.  Our motto is "Growing in God's Grace"; our goal is to nourish our children's growth in faith, knowledge, and relationships with one another. Our school believes that we are all partners in education and look forward to building these relationships throughout the year.  Our Catholic School Community Council (CSCC) works closely with our staff to support school priorities and needs and welcomes new members to join!  Knowing that we all work together to make things happen, our theme is "Stronger Together".

Faith, family, and service are all central pillars in my life and continue to guide my work, decisions and relationships.  I strive to recognize the unique strengths of each individual, student or teacher, and build on these talents.  Each of us are created in God's image and, by living our faith every day, I believe we are capable of great things together as a community.   I look forward to serving this community by listening, supporting and working with you for our student's success!

September will be full of new people and new beginnings!  Check out our webpage for our Bring Your Backpack evening and Annual General Meeting for the CSCC.  This is a hopeful and exciting time as we get to know one another and establish our routines and procedures for the school year.  These routines and procedures are key to establishing a learning environment that will cultivate a climate of success for literacy and numeracy. Our foundations of faith will continue to light our way.  This is especially evident in our close partnership with our local parish, Our Lady of Peace.  With monthly parish visits, masses and liturgies, daily prayer, and a focus on monthly virtues, our students will grow in their own personal faith.  Our faith is also revealed in our ongoing commitment to Truth and Reconciliation as well as our recognition of the cultural diversity in our school community.

We begin our year with a prayer to God, our ultimate teacher and leader,

God of wisdom and might,

we praise you for the wonder of our being,

for mind, body and spirit.

Be with our children as they begin

a new school year.

Bless them and our teachers and staff.

Give them strength and grace as their bodies grow;

wisdom and knowledge to their minds

as they search for understanding;

and peace and zeal to their hearts.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Source:  Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers

Growing in God's grace,

Leanne Forrest​