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St. Jerome School
Home of the Lions
Regina Catholic Schools
Principal's Greeting


Dan and Fred.jpgWith a new year upon us, we look to 2018 as a year of new beginnings while honoring our past. St. Jerome School turns 40 in 2018!

We endeavor to provide the quality Catholic Education that we always have, with an environment of inclusiveness, respect, and kindness to all. May the New Year bring you and your family many blessings.

"God of harmony and unity,

You call all of us together to build Your kingdom.

May our ears hear Your voice clearly,

May our eyes see Your beauty in all peoples.

May our understanding break down walls of fear and prejudice. 

Make our schools a place of friendship, 

Belonging, and a place of welcome,

Where everyone feels safe, where everyone has a place,

Where we are all united in Your love.

St. Jerome, pray for us. Amen"  

Mr. D. Cozine