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Battle of the Books 2018 

This competition is open to all of the students in Grades 5-8. Teams are made up by the students and must have 3-4 players.  Each team will be required to read a total of 8 books.  Most team members will only need to read 2-3 of the books depending on the number of student players per team.

Battles are held at school over the lunch hour where the students answer questions about the books that they've read.  Each question starts with "In which book…?" The students will answer by writing down the title of the book and the author's name. One point is scored for the correct author and three points are scored for the correct title. (Correct spelling is imperative to get the point.)

The following is a list of the upcoming battles.  Each battle is held over the lunch break.  Players need to bring their lunch and be ready to go at the lunch time bell. It is an expectation that all members are at the battle unless they're absent due to parental/guardian consent, ie) illness, holiday, appointment.

School Noon Battles:

Monday, January 29                          Thursday, February 8                      Monday, February 26

Thursday, February 1                       Wednesday, February 14

Zones Semi-Finals:  4:00-4:45

The top 4 teams from the school battles will participate.

Tuesday, February 27 at St. Joan of Arc

Thursday, March 1 at St. Nicholas

 City Finals:1:15-2:30 - 

The top 2 teams from the Semi-Finals will be participating

Tuesday, March 6 at Miller High School at 1:15-2:30  (all teams attend to cheer on their school teams)

​Battlers need to remember that their results from the noon battles are tallied to decide the top four that will go to the Zone competition and the top two who will go to the City Final.  With Family week break it is likely that some of the team members may miss a battle, therefore it is very important that students try to read as many of the battle books as possible so that they can help the team is someone is missing.


If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Zech at