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St. Joan of Arc School
Principal's Greeting


Greetings and Happy Easter, St. Joan of Arc families!


Spring is such an exciting time of year at St. Joan of Arc school!  Students have returned to school rested, rejuvenated, and filled with the spiritual power to continue to learn, achieve, and treat others around them well.  Staff have returned with many spiritual and educational opportunities for our students.  The excitement about warmer weather (we know that warmer weather will eventually happen!!!) and all of the learning that takes place during the months of April and May make this a very special time of year.

Badminton is in full swing for the month of April, and students have just received more information about Track and Field.  Students will be given schedules for practices, so be sure to ask them to share these with you.  Good luck to all of our athletes!  We are always very proud of how our students represent St. Joan of Arc School in all of our extra-curricular activities!  Go Jaguars!

In addition to our athletic activities, St. Joan of Arc is producing a play.  Knights of the Rad Table will be performed in the St. Joan of Arc Gymnasium on May 1 and 2, 2018, at 7:00pm.  Admission will be $5.00 per family.  Tickets will need to be purchased in advance so we are able to ensure we do not exceed fire regulations.  Please contact the office for tickets, starting Monday, April 16, 2018.   A poster will be posted on the webpage in the near future.  We encourage all of our families to attend and support the production, and the students and staff who have worked hard to prepare the show!

The Virtue for the month of April is Courage.  Ms. Belair's Grade 3 class will be writing and sharing prayers with us at our morning assemblies, as well as doing their part to teach us more about such an

important virtue.  It takes a considerable amount of courage for students to speak out when a classmate is being unkind, to ask a teacher for help with an assignment, to help someone they don't know.  Although courage is such a challenging virtue to embrace, we know that every one of our students has the potential to demonstrate courage in their every-day acts of discipleship.  The month of April will be the perfect opportunity to be courageous!


"Courage is the first virtue

that makes all other virtues possible."