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St. Joan of Arc School
Principal's Greeting

Summer is here and we would like to thank the St. Joan of Arc community for another incredible school year!  In 2018, a number of our existing staff members are transitioning to new schools.  We understand that change brings a mixture of feelings, but are confident that the new staff will serve your families with great dedication and care. 



Matt Brown – Sacred Heart Principal

Tina Vollet – St. Marguerite Principal

Andrea Hart – Sacred Heart Teacher

Todd Carignan – Sacred Heart Teacher

Clayton Parisien – St. Theresa Teacher

Victoria Parisien – Sacred Heart Teacher

Lindsay Belair – St. Marguerite Teacher

Kenna Nelson – St. Marguerite Teacher

Kris Klein – St. Nicholas Teacher


St. Joan staff list for 2018/2019 (New staff in Bold)


Amber Slonski – Pre-K

Annette Vogelsang – Kindergarten

Betty Lekivetz – Grade 1

Charis Slusar – Grade 1

Staci Senger – Grade 2/3

Olivia Riffel – Grade 2/3

Stacey Molleken – Grade 3/4

Amanda Walter – Grade 4

Betty-Ann Faber – Grade 4/5

James Kleisinger – Grade 5/6

Jordan Bisson – Grade 6

Sarah Coolican – Grade 7

Paul Owens – Grade 7/8

Dan Brown – Grade 8

Tim St. Amand – LRT

Wade McLean – Teacher Librarian and Prep

Vincent Baryluk – Teacher Prep

Aimee Flegel – Teacher Prep

Katrina Hognerud – Band

Rosanne McCall – EAL Teacher

Alison Lewis – Family Support Worker

Phyllis Schneider – OM

Gladys Matkowski – Prek TA

Lisa Briere-  Prek IA

Jamie Myers – Caretaker

Lee Garinger – VP/Prep

Shawn Pearce –Principal



With a number of new staff members, our administrative team was heavily involved in the student placements for next year.  Please be assured that we put great time and effort into building classroom arrangements that will result in the best learning experience for our students as individuals and their collective grade groupings.  In the education setting today, split grades are inevitable, as maintaining adequate and equitable classroom sizes is a priority.  In addition, we consider gender, social dynamics and always aim to balance the level of need in each classroom.   Working through our list of students was a meaningful and reflective exercise.  It gave us the opportunity to think about how special our children are…all 371 of them!  It is important to note that, typically, we do not move students after they have been placed. 


On behalf of all of our departing staff, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the incredible relationships that have formed over the years.  We have been blessed to work with great families in a fun and a loving atmosphere.  St. Joan of Arc is in great hands, as a number of staff members are returning, and the new additions are bringing tremendous strengths to the team.  Except for that Dan Brown fellow…watch out for him! Yes…he's my brother J.  Discipleship has been our mission, and we are very proud to leave St. Joan of Arc knowing that hundreds of people will carry this joyful way of life forward.