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St. Joan of Arc School
Supply List

​​​Supply List 2018-2019.docx

Student's Personal Supply List

The following is a teacher's suggested list of supplies that your child will need for the 2018 - 2019 school year at St. Joan of Arc School. Please note that suggestions may vary according to grade level.

​ ST. JOAN OF ARC SCHOOL     2018 - 2019

CLASSROOMS    234    56    78
H.B. Pencils30302020202020
Erasers (white)4444444
Ball Point Pens (blue)1133666
Ball Point Pens (red)1222222
METRIC Ruler  (30 cm)1111111
Wax Crayons (16/24) (Crayola)1 1 - ----
Pencil Crayons (24)1111111
Felt Markers (Thick)  (8 pack)11111--
Felt Markers (Fine)111 1111
Pencil Box1111111
Sharpener (catches the shaving)2222211
White Glue 11 11---
Glue Stick (large)6632222
Exercise Books - full size      Not Coiled8810124--
Duo Tangs121212121255
Loose Leaf Paper (250 pack)-122255
Graph Paper (1 cm)--11111
Geometry Set----111
Oil Pastels1111---
Kleenex (Large Box)4443333
Scissors (metal edge)1111111
1 Pr. Clean Gym Runners (kept at school)1111111
Calculator (Small)--11111
1" Binder---1---
2" Binder Zipper- 1-233
Subject Dividers (package)-112222
Gym Clothes  (shorts & T-shirt)---1111
USB Drive---1111
Antibacterial Wipes  2222222
Baby Wipes2222222
Dry Erase Markers (black) THIN TIP-444444
Ear Buds/Head phones labelled1111111
Crate  (similar to a milk crate)   1111


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