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St. Joan of Arc School

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The St. Joan of Arc staff generously volunteer their time to ensure that our students have a wide range of special in-school activities and extra-curricular options available to them.  These activities improve the quality of instruction, allow students to develop skill in a number of areas and most importantly, strengthen interpersonal relationships.  As St. Joan of Arc, we believe that staff members have unique strengths to offer and that leadership is a shared responsibility. 

Faith-based opportunities:

  • Various liturgies
  • Monthly virtue prayer (every student writes and reads a prayer at assembly once per year)
  • Choir – with a focus on faith-based music


  • Aerial football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Track and Field
  • Cross-Country running


  • Elementary inter-school sports activities are an important part of the education program that contribute to students' physical, mental, emotional and social development.  These sports activities are organized to foster sportsmanship, fair play, and respect  for all.
  • We always aim to be inclusive when offering additional activities to students; however, this is not always possible.  When having to select a team, please use careful consideration for all of the factors that may be involved. 
  • Please plan practices in advance and provide your students with a schedule detailing practices and games.
  • Driver authorization forms and Criminal Record checks are required for parent drivers. We have a form in our office that eases obtaining one that can be taken to the Police Station.

Other opportunities:

  • Spirit days
  • Play day
  • Multicultural event
  • Indigenous Storytellers
  • Drama Club
  • Presenters
  • Field trips

Student Leadership:

In Regina Catholic Schools, we have transitioned from individual student recognition at farewell ceremonies to various models that celebrate the unique, God-given talents of all of our students.  As part of our plan, we created service teams that reflect the skills and values that we hope to see in our students.  Each team has teacher advisors, however the general direction of the group is established and carried out by the students.  At the farewell celebration in June, each group will speak to their respective accomplishments and talk about how our school community has benefited them, and most importantly, how they have given back to their school and community. 


  • Christian Service
  • Arts Expression
  • Spirit
  • Community Service
  • Academic
  • Fitness and Wellness

Shawn Pearce


St. Joan of Arc School

​"We are called to be disciples."