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St. Josaphat School
Collaborative Projects

​​​​​​Maker Club

We've​ created a Maker Club in St. Josaphat Library! Our Maker Club allows students to explore, experiment, and create with a wide variety of resources. The creating process ranges from very low tech opportunities (building K'Nex robots, creating Stik Bot storyboards) to learning to code and designing web applications. We meet one lunch hour a week and the making, creating, and building are astounding!​​​


Harry Potter 

Grade 7/8 students read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone aloud in class over a period of a few weeks. We ended the the unit with a break-out and some fun stations. Students built a variety of items from Harry Potter with LEGO, played a trivia game, and tried to build the tallest freestanding Hogwart's astonomy tower with only balloons and tape. It was a great way to end the first book in the Harry Potter Series.