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St. Kateri Tekakwitha School
Library Procedures

​​​17-18 Library Intro and Procedures.pdf


Welcome to the Library! 

My name is Kristina Boutilier and I am so excited to be the teacher-librarian for the 2017-2018 school year. I have been teaching for 7 years. This is my second year as a teacher-librarian. 

As the teacher-librarian, I am responsible for the school library program, collection, and facility. In addition, I collaborate, plan and teach with teachers, work with students, and help to create 21st century learners who are transliterate. 

The library program has some exciting opportunities in store for your child this year:
  • One of my goals for your children is to instill a love of reading! Whether they are light readers or completely obsessed, our library program will encourage them to read more and broaden the scope of their reading.
  • I will help students inquire, evaluate, create, and share as respectful and responsible digital citizens. 
  • I will be working with classroom teachers to help them find materials especially suited to the individual interests and abilities of your child.
If you would like to volunteer to help in the library, please let me know. I’d love to have you! Even 15-30 minutes a week can help. Please email me at 

I look forward to meeting you are some of the events that will take place in the library such as, literacy nights, a book fair, and literacy initiatives. I am committed to making the library one of your child’s favorite place in the school!

Mrs. Kristina Boutilier

St. Kateri Library Procedures
  1. Be kind and respectful to teachers, fellow students, and of course the BOOKS
  2. Please be quiet while the class is reading or while Mrs. Boutilier is teaching.
  3. Always use your library voice. 
  4. Walk.
  5. A teacher must be present while in the library.
  6. Always follow the check-out procedures.
  7. Please return books NICELY into the Book Return bin.
  8. If you look at a book, but don’t sign it out, please put it on the shelving cart.
  9. Please use shelf markers at all times!
  10.  If Mrs. Boutilier needs your attention, she will raise her hand and count to five.
  11. Always leave the library neat and tidy – push in all chairs, return all soft seating, make sure all books are picked up off the floor, books are neatly lined up on the shelves with spines out. 

Book Check-Out Procedures
  1. Return your old books. You can only have 3 books checked out at a time.
  2. Find your awesome new BOOK! 
  3. ​Quietly line up at the library desk with your library card ready and books with barcodes up. 
  4. A teacher or trained library helper will sign out you books. 
  5. Quietly sit down at your spot and start reading.
    • ​Overdue Books – if you have an overdue, you can take out a book, but you MUST keep it at school. If the overdue book isn’t returned by the following week, you cannot take out any books until they are returned. A letter home will be sent by Mrs. Boutilier.
    • Damaged Books – all of our books as BRAND NEW! Please take care of our books. However if a book is damaged, please show it to Mrs. Boutilier so that it can be repaired.
    • Lost Books-All lost books must be paid for in full. The cost for each book is the cost of replacement.