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St. Kateri Tekakwitha School
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Grade 5 CAT 4 Tests

October 09, 2019

Grade 5 CAT 4.docx

October, 2019

 Dear Parents/Guardians:

Students in Grade 5 in Regina Catholic Schools will write the Canadian Achievement Tests, Fourth Edition (CAT 4) this October.  Students at our school will write between October 15th and 30th, 2019.  The CAT 4 is a national standardized achievement test measuring achievement in skills commonly taught in Canadian schools. The skill areas in which our students will be assessed include reading, writing conventions, mathematics, and computation/estimation.

 It is imperative that your son/daughter be present on testing days.  Please

  1. avoid booking any appointments on this date,
  2. ensure your son/daughter comes with two sharpened pencils, an eraser (a white, not a pink, eraser), a metric ruler, a calculator, some scrap paper and a book to read, and
  3. help your son/daughter be 'test ready.'  On the day of the test, we need students to be well-rested, fed a good breakfast, and healthy. 

 The CAT 4 results will provide information for all stakeholders about how well students in Regina Catholic Schools perform in the areas identified above.  The information will provide direction for ELA and mathematics departments in our school division.  You will receive a copy of your son's/daughter's results when they are returned before Christmas.

 Since the CAT 4 examines general concepts, it is not something for which students can study or prepare.  Encourage your son/daughter to give his/her best effort.  Copies of students' results are placed in their permanent cumulative files.

 Information about this test is available from the testing company's website:  Should you have any questions about the CAT 4, please contact Kelley Ehman, Superintendent, Education Services, Regina Catholic Schools (791-7333). 




D'Arcy Brischuk

Vice Principal