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St. Luke School
High School Attendance Policy

All four of our high school classes follow an attendance policy. Part of the requirement of St. Luke is regular attendance and this is regulated by section 150 (3a) of the Education Act.  Given this focus on regular attendance, the expectation will be that students attend school a minimum of 75% of the time.  Early interventions will include daily phone calls home for unexcused absences. The first time a student falls below the 75% attendance practice, a letter will be sent home informing parents and guardians. The second time a student is unable to maintain a 75% attendance rate, a letter will be sent and a meeting will be held with parents and students.  Extenuating circumstances will be taken into account. If attendance does not improve and a third letter is issued, the student may be given a leave of absence for one month at which time we would revisit the educational needs of the student. If your son/daughter will be ill, please e-mail the student's teacher or call the school at 791-7248.