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St. Maria Faustina School
Educational Programs

St. Maria Faustina School is a functionally integrated structured learning environment for pupils who have severe/profound levels of intellectual ability and who may have delays/challenges in other areas.  Although their abilities vary, pupils are generally identified as having severe or profound levels of cognitive ability (DSM: IV reference). Additional characteristics of pupils may include severe/profound delay and challenge in the following areas: physical, social-emotional, communication, self-help, and behaviour.   They may also have complex medical needs.

Pupils attend daily and are transported by taxi or para-transit or parent to and from school.  Pupils are  placed in classrooms according to their needs. Each classroom is staffed by a teacher and instructional assistants.

Educational programming is individualized and incorporates educational programming with a focus on: communication; socialization; life skills; self-help; recreation and leisure programming; functional academic programming; and experience in community contribution.

Pupils in St. Faustina School each have an Intervention and Inclusion Plan (IIP) developed in a collaborative manner, with involvement from the pupil (when possible), the pupil's parents, guardians, external agency supports, and the school division team. This IIP is revised as needs change.​

Application for Admission to St. Maria Faustina School must be processed through the Coordinator of Student Services.   A formal referral process is submitted by parents and with outside agency recommendation.   For more information, please contact the Regina Catholic School Division Coordinator at 306-791-7339.