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Γ‰cole St. Mary
Hot Lunch


Hot lunches are booked and ordering is open to staff and students from Kindergarten to grade 8.  Thanks to those who already placed their orders.  Access the Munchalunch link to get your children's orders in today.  You can order each lunch individually, or place all three at once!

Monday, Nov 1st (orders due Friday, Oct 22nd) Ka students can order

Pizza, Pizza and Menchies yogurt

Thursday, Nov 25th (orders due Wednesday, Nov 17th) Kb students can order

Cheeseburgers and Dairy Queen treats

Monday, Dec 13th (orders due Friday, Dec 3rd) Ka students can order

Mary Brown's Chicken and Booster Juice drinks

Email if you can't access your account or need your password reset.


Munchalunch instructions.pdf